pfSense Questions

Netanya Carmi
Content Manager
IT Central Station
Rafahavelo Onja
User at FIU
Jul 06 2021

Hi professionals, I'd like to deploy anti-spam protection using pfSense or SonicWall TZ. 

Can anyone help me out?


Pedro Escalona Hi, for SonicWall you buy a license and on the same firewall you can activate… more »
Tan JunJust purchase an anti-spam license and activate it at the SonicWall license… more »
Julia Frohwein
Content and Social Media Manager
IT Central Station
Aug 16 2021


We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

Miriam Tover
Content Specialist
IT Central Station
Aug 03 2021

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with pfSense.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

Julia Frohwein
Content and Social Media Manager
IT Central Station
Aug 03 2021

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

Julia Frohwein
Content and Social Media Manager
IT Central Station
Aug 03 2021

If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering pfSense, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

Julia Frohwein
Content and Social Media Manager
IT Central Station
Aug 03 2021

Hi Everyone,

What do you like most about pfSense?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community!

Firewalls Questions
Evgeny Belenky
IT Central Station
Aug 16 2021

Hi peers,

In my opinion, it's very important for your enterprise firewall/NGFW to support ID-based rules. 

What products do provide this feature? What kind of identity-based rules are supported by them?


FIrewall ID-based rules
Rick Briggs
User at CUProdigy Cloud Services, LLC
Aug 18 2021

Hi community,

I'm in the process of implementing a new ERP. It will allow customers to order (food service) via mobile device. 

  • ~100 to 200 customers. 
  • 10 inside users.
  • 10 outside sales.
  • 2 locations

I'm using SonicWall, VPN and SSL VPN. I'm planning on bringing in VoIP and Fibernode is coming. 

I need a firewall - something easy to learn and not too pricey. 

Please share your recommendations and explain why would you choose it.


Norman FreitagHi @Rick Briggs, Do you really want to run this by yourself? If yes, i go… more »
Chirosca AlecsandruYou should take a look at OpnSense.  Even for small setups, we recommend using… more »
IT Manager at a legal firm with 11-50 employees
Aug 11 2021

Hi peers,

I'm looking for your recommendations. Which of the latest firewall products can efficiently support 500 -100 concurrent SSL VPN users along with SD-WAN?

Mike HancockThe best investment in my opinion is the FortiGate 600E platform.  It is less… more »
Richard BenfattoAs Mike says, listen to him. I totally support Fortinet. It is not only what I… more »
Lindsay MiethWe have been using Fortinet for 3 years and find it to be a stable and secure… more »
Ganesan V
User at GRG education
Jun 28 2021

I'm currently researching Fortinet FortiGate 5001E and GajShield Next-Generation Firewall and I want to figure out the difference in features and costs of those two products.

Dear community members, could you please share your insights?

Eman Taky
Senior System Administrator at Kn
Jun 25 2021


I’m planning to purchase Sophos XG 210, but I’m confused as I don’t know if this is a good choice compared with Fortinet FortiGate 100E. 

My requirements are below:
✓ VPN for 100 concurrent users
✓ Firewall can handle internet requests of up to 200 concurrent users
✓ Sites filtering and domain blocking
✓ Malware and viruses inspection
✓ Include port forwarding for local service publishing
✓ Failover internet connection in case of the mainline outage to ADSL backup line or data line “4G”. ✓ Limit bandwidth usage and disable huge file download
✓ Control streaming and video usage and the ability to disable them.
✓ Monitoring and reporting

Please share your recommendations based on my requirements above

imadamHi, This really gets to two things: - how fast your internet access is and… more »
Luis ApodacaI personally used Sophos UTM 9, and it´s great, it can support all your needs… more »
Paul YuenThe Fortinet FortiGate appliance is recommended,  we have in the past used… more »
Edwin EzeOsiago
Head of security solutions at Infodata Professional Services
Jul 26 2021

Should one go for a URL Filtering as an add-on to NGFW or just deploy a Web proxy, instead?

I am one who advocates that firewalls with URL Filtering can't serve better than Web security solutions (i.e., a Web proxy).

What's your opinion?

Mike HounsomeOver 50% of security vulnerabilities are non-Web based traffic, such as DNS… more »
Evgeny BelenkyHi @Oleg Pekar and @Manish Nalawade. Can you share your thoughts?
chiefexe795285Use a Web Proxy that will protect your users when they are working at home as… more »
Carlos Simbana
DBA at Uafe
May 17 2021

Hi peers, 

I am looking for a firewall suitable for my company (size: < 500). I've been researching the Palo Alto Networks NG Firewall and the Fortinet FortiGate one. 

Can you please tell me whether the Fortinet firewall has any AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities as it seems Palo Alto does have them?

I appreciate your inputs.

João GarciaI agree with Michael Zhang, Fortigate uses FortiSandbox when there is suspicion… more »
MichaelZhangHi, Not sure about your business needs for an AI-enabled firewall system. I… more »
Javier MedinaSophos includes AI for the NG Firewall
M Mari
Head of the Migration Research Division at International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Apr 30 2021


In my organization (10K+ employees) we have had Cisco products for decades and now we started exploring whether Palo Alto Networks VM-Series is a good alternative (vs Cisco FTDv) that can leverage our security posture. 

Dear professionals, please share your technical recommendations!

Mike Bulykhello. Capability is on par between the two vendors. Your best bet is to think… more »
Tarun Mehta
Associate Consultant at SoftwareONE
May 11 2021

I'm researching two firewall products for a company with 1000+ employees and I'm looking for a technical comparison between Palo Alto Network VM-Series and Fortinet FortiGate Firewall.

Please assist.

Darshil SanghviHello Tarun, we have been designing solutions with Palo Alto Networks NGFW for 6… more »
reviewer1461459Because PA has FPGA based architecture, which no other firewall has, due to this… more »
Cesar BeutI have FortiGates and the last upgrade of firmware cut internet traffic if you… more »
Vinoth Rajan
User at Viroka
Apr 30 2021


I'm looking for a technical comparison between Sophos XG550 and Fortinet FortiGate 600E.

Please assist,


CoPrWhat kind of technical comparison do you want? performance, number of ports… more »
Rashid Ali
CEO at Future Technology
May 11 2021

Hi Fellows - I need a technical comparison between these two firewalls. Can anyone help?

João GarciaRashid, consider Fortigate100F, instead of 100E, or, 80F. See this link:… more »
Chandraprakash Pandey
User at Haribhakti & Co LLP


I am from an Auditing organization.

We are looking to have a firewall using which we can have the VPN for our users [currently WFH].

Please suggest the best firewalls currently in the market to choose from.

Javier MedinaYou need to know the apps and bandwith that your users will need to calculare… more »
Javier MedinaIn addition i can tell that you can use 2FA for free with the sophos… more »
Rias MajeedYou can use fortinet Firewall SSLVPN as well ipsec vpn.   If you tell me what… more »
Sirag Elnour
User at MASAD
Jun 03 2021

I'm researching firewalls. Could anyone recommend an NGFW solution that is compatible with Azure?

Jonathan MareskyCheck Point CloudGuard Network Security is compatible with Azure, integrated… more »
reviewer1266459Hi. Fortigate is a NGFW that is compatible with Azure. It also comes with MFA… more »
João GarciaFortigate is compatible with Azure, you can buy it on Marketplace including the… more »
Tilovi Snow
User at loopsnow

I need help comparing firewall devices. Can anyone give me some advice on how to go about doing a comparison?


Fedayi Uzun
Cyber Security Analyst at CyberNow Labs
Sep 08 2021

I'm researching firewall options. What are the differences between Palo Alto and Cisco Firewalls solutions in terms of advantages, disadvantages, usage and practices?

reviewer1461459There are some major differentiators that make Palo Alto more preferable. First… more »
Philippe PanardieWell they are two leaders, one from US, another from Israel. Checkpoint is the… more »
Kirtikumar PatelPalo Alto has more visibilities and control instead of Cisco Firewall.
Nirmal Unagar

I'm researching Firewalls. Which NGFW do you recommend between Fortinet Fortigate and Cisco Firepower NGFW?


IT Central Station
Jun 28 2021

There are many cybersecurity tools available, but some aren't doing the job that they should be doing. 

What are some of the threats that may be associated with using 'fake' cybersecurity tools?

What can people do to ensure that they're using a tool that actually does what it says it does?

SimonClark Dan Doggendorf gave sound advice. Whilst some of the free or cheap… more »
Dan DoggendorfThe biggest threat is risks you think you have managed are not managed at all so… more »
Javier MedinaYou should build a lab, try the tools and analyze the traffic and behavior with… more »
Ravindra Kumar

I work in a Tech Services company with less than 1,000 employees. I'm looking for a firewall to replace Cyberoam 200ing. Any suggestions?


Shyam BiswasDepending on budget, Palo Alto 3000 series will be very helpful. If you want to… more »
AnnDeryckereWe can recommend Watchguard as a worthy alternative. Don't hesitate to contact… more »
Basil DangeCheck Fortinet. It provides faster l3 processing. Also with NGFW firewall you… more »
IT Central Station

With remote work having become the norm for many, what security should businesses have in place? Do you have suggestions of specific products that businesses should look at?

Philippe PanardieThere is not a single answer. In our company, we use only company devices for… more »
Omer MohammedWearing a mask while accessing your service is not a joke hardening tunneling… more »
Letsogile BaloiSecurity is a multi-layered problem and as always the human end is the weak… more »
IT Central Station

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using a cloud firewall? 

In which scenarios is using a cloud firewall recommended?

When is it not advisable to use a cloud firewall?

Phillip PeermanCloud firewalls are most beneficial in that they can be securely managed from… more »
Menachem D Pritzker
Director of Growth
IT Central Station
Aug 10 2021

Hi community, 

There are so many firewall products in the market today. Who are we going to be talking about 3-5 years from now?

imadamNetscope, Zscaler if they continue route they are on now. FIrewalls needs great… more »
Nehad ElkordiCisco Portfolio is focusing on total security inside and outside including cloud… more »
Lipaz HesselWell with the SD-WAN raising it is common to see cloud firewall implementations… more »
IT Central Station
Aug 25 2021

Why or why not? If so, which are the best providers for this configuration?

PrideChiezaThat is very good question, for SIP we highly recommend using SIP security on… more »
Rupsan ShresthaSIP is a protocol used for session management in VoIP or video communication, On… more »
Rias MajeedIf you have SIP phones which need to access PABX from wan (internet) you need… more »
Shermay Tan
Sales Director at TA Power Group Sdn Bhd
Apr 24 2021

I work as a project engineer at a company with 201- 500 employees.

I am looking for recommendations for the best way to prevent DoppelPaymer Ransomware. Is there an action plan or solution you would recommend?

Thanks! I appreciate your help. 


Tarek MenshawyYou need an APT solution integrated with your endpoint solution, firewall, and… more »
SSLIf you want absolute security, for any malware - not just the DoppelPaymer… more »
David BalabanMy old article from the dawn of ransomware outbreak back in 2016 is still good… more »
B Putnam
Owner at a retailer with 1-10 employees
May 03 2021

I am the owner of a retailer company with 1-10 employees. 

We host websites on Windows 2008 R2 servers and Norton Business Protection. We are looking for recommendations for the best network firewall.

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

Stuart BermanGood commercial firewalls take a degree of expertise that small businesses… more »
Luis Apodaca1-10 employees., it's not that big, you should try the Unifi Platform from the… more »
JoshuaThumsFor your businesses that are under 50 employees but still require… more »
Ron Zelt
Sep 01 2021

Hi peers, 

If you could go back in time, would you change your decision to buy that firewall and why?

Girish VyasThis answer depends on the provider one has. These days people in enterprise are… more »
Werner SchonbornIf I could go back and buy a different firewall, I would do so immediately… more »
AsgharHamidiIf it is about saving money answer is no. Saving money is not aways the case… more »
Nurit Sherman
Content Specialist
IT Central Station
Aug 10 2021

Hi community, 

Is it required in your company to conduct a security review before purchasing a firewall? Also, do you need to perform reviews after (how often)?

What are the common materials you use in the review? Do you have any tips or advice? 

Any pitfalls to watch out for?

Chris LoehrIf you are a small shop, you need to trust your MSP, VAR or another reseller… more »
Dan StoltsYes, I recommend doing a security review regularly. Not necessarily before a… more »
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Jun 09 2021
Let the community know what you think. Share your opinions now!
WiseCatSecurity, aye, it is most important. But I would like to add the aspect of… more »
Simon CoombsComprehensive protection, reliability, straightforward administration, total… more »
it_user339975Awesome answers all around! The most important aspect to look for is relative… more »