Picus Security Valuable Features

Taha Hussain
Solutions Architect Cybersecurity
The list of vulnerabilities that get detected is the most valuable feature. The list of injections, basically that we identify within the infrastructure is the most valuable one, as they can see which attack has actually been successfully executed in their environment. You can navigate through different options on the product and you can do exercises. One of the beneficial features is that if you do not want to perform a specific set of attacks, you can uncheck them. Alternatively, if there are certain attacks that you want to execute, you can do that as well. You have the liberty of physically executing a specific set of rules in your environment. For example, let's say the customers don't have Apache servers. If there are any vulnerabilities or injections that are performed on Apache servers, a lot of tools rely on those rules. Customers can basically uncheck those injections that are performed on servers that do not exist in their environment. View full review »