Planview PPM Pro Benefits

Program Operations Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Visibility into our portfolio is critical. We had no idea there were 151 projects going on. Having that visibility has allowed us to say, "Wow, how can we possibly be doing a 151 projects with 200 people in the company and with what kind of quality?" Slowly, we are building a more critical eye. Currently, we are designing an intake process using PPM Pro to evaluate new projects requests and comparing new projects against what we've already got in the portfolio to make better decisions and priority calls. That's something we never had before. We're at such a low maturity gathering projects was a big effort and eye-opener. One of the next steps we'll undertake is tying projects into budgets. We haven't gotten that far yet. We are also starting to think about how projects are tied to our strategy. We're adding fields in PPM Pro to capture data important to us in order to gain visibility into whether we're meeting our strategic goals. So, we're getting there in baby steps. View full review »
Director Enterprise Applications at Nassau Health Care Corporation
For resource managers, it's given them the ability to see when they have staff that is over-committed. Rather than react, we can work to mitigate that before the overcommitment actually happens, as in cases where somebody has a deliverable that's in conflict with something else. With respect to the integrated product portfolio transforming our strategy, I think that this solution has helped us to achieve what our institutional needs are. I think that we're still working on that transformation journey. It's created a platform for centralized management of these initiatives versus disparate data and a lot of manual work to pull it together. I can have a dashboard that provides that information at a moment's notice. With respect to the integrated product portfolio transforming our delivery, I wouldn't say that this has happened yet because we are not a centralized PMO, institutionally. We have a small portion of project management within the IT organization, but I would suspect that as people who we work with can spread the word about what we're doing, that may take foot elsewhere in the organization. I think that we have better collaboration, but not necessarily with PPM Pro. We are integrated with another tool that gives teams the ability to work collaboratively and see the progress of work. We have not yet implemented the Lean/Agile Delivery tools. We are not yet at the level where this solution helps us connect funding and strategic outcomes with work execution. The biggest impact that using Planview has had is that it has created a centralized platform that allows us to better position resource allocation and alignment, rather than relying on people to tell us that they can meet a deadline. We use PPM Pro with Projectplace, which has been a game-changer for us. Now that real-time integration is in place, it allows our team members to communicate their progress much more in real-time. It's been a change management process where project managers have been soliciting people for where things are at. As people are getting used to working with the tool and finding its ease of use, they're in there everyday updating where their tasks are. So, we're seeing that people are using the tool as it really was intended. View full review »
Sr Systems Analyst at a insurance company with 501-1,000 employees
This solution is valuable because it saves us a lot of time from having to consolidate. Before PPM Pro, we didn't have a good way to consolidate our actual costs from an IT department. This has made it possible to capture all of those, plus mix in outside costs just by putting them in manually and then have that be able to be displayed in a dashboard. We have projects that we work on, but we also have smaller work in there that is related to our own business. We use reporting for all of our prioritization with the business and the order of when stuff will be released. It's saved us a lot of time and it has been a huge boost for communication between IT and the business side. From my perspective, our strategy has changed in that we have become more transparent, and Planview was part of the solution for that. Aside from transparency, I don't think that the integrated product portfolio has been part of transforming our strategy. With respect to transforming our delivery, I would say that this solution has definitely helped with that. We have an on-premises version for all of our change requests, but that was always just on the IT side. With us being able to have it where both IT and the business can easily go into one place is helpful. The way that we have it set up is that it gets prioritized by our business relationship managers. From a delivery perspective, we can actually have them have more of an input and more transparency on costs, hours, what's coming next, and what the timelines are. This solution is flexible in some ways but not others. There is a decent amount of configuration that we've been able to do to control the different categories of projects. On that side, I would say yes, we can have multiple different requests or project types that have their own fields. Then, on the other side, it's kind of limited. You can configure it, but then you can't take it to really make it into a task management system. It's very hard to expand past just what the basic tasks are. That would be one place that I'd like to see a little bit more. It looks like they are trying to do that by introducing the backlog and putting more Agile context into PPM Pro. It looks like that's on the roadmap for Planview. Collaborative Work Management has helped a lot by having everybody on the same page and allowing us, within IT, to be able to manage our work resources. It has helped a lot. This solution has helped us connect funding and strategic outcomes with work execution. A lot of our dashboards are built around the financials. We're looking at buckets for how much each department has and we roll all of that up into dashboards that allow us to keep track of where everybody is, the actual expenditure for the year, and who has what left. We definitely use all of that capability. The biggest impact that Planview has had on our organization is related to resource management. It was really helpful, because before we were so siloed into project teams that it was hard to get an idea of who is available from other teams if I need a resource. This has made it possible for us to actually get capacities and see what the schedules are going forward. This has been a huge benefit. View full review »
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Director at Parkview Health
It's taken us from being a very disparate organization around projects to all focusing in now on each other's needs. Before, we would work in silos and everyone would spend a lot of capital on these projects. What we are finding today is those people are more cognizant that the funding is not just for them, it's for the entire organization. We have to share and prioritize the work that we're trying to do. We prioritize based upon return on investment. We help connect funding and strategic outcomes that work for the future. We will create a strategic request and that request becomes a project. We're mapping from start to finish the execution, work intake, and now we're also doing what we call post-implementation reviews to make sure we get the return on investment that we set out to accomplish. View full review »
Vi EnChoong
Sr R&D Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific
It gave us a clarity of purpose. Everybody knows what they are doing and that they are all aligned: * Managers know what employees are doing. * Employees know what they are doing and the managers think they should be doing. That is the clarity which really helps in efficiency. When you look at your organization, and what everybody is working on, you now know what capacity you have to take more things on. The biggest impact was making sure that people were aligned on what they're supposed to do. This has really helped us because we're all going in the same direction and we know it. View full review »
Project Manager at New Orleans Convention Center
In my current company, it provides a quicker ramp up to understand what it can do for people by taking away all their barriers to entry: time, managing resources, and linking projects. It's made it so easy that people no longer say, "I don't want to do this because..." Other than "because", there is nothing else for them to say. It is slowly maturing the company in the project management space by: * Understanding the value of the project management as a function. * The data that comes in and the structure that it provides. * The predictability that it's providing. * The transparency in terms of the analytics. It is adding to the maturity journey that the company is going through. From an IT perspective, it has transformed the IT strategy. From an overall business strategy, we are not yet connected there. That's influence we are trying to get. We want to get those things connected. We are planning start using the lean/agile process, especially on the business side, because they're into waterfall. We are trying to get into agile. We have done a lot of iterative development or fast track development. The issue is not from the IT space. We are trying to more to the business processes. We're still using it in a sandbox area. View full review »
Senior Project Manager at Husch Blackwell
It has improved our organization because the one thing that we never had before was a single picture of all our IT projects going on. Each group within IT, like operations and knowledge management systems, all had their own list of projects. Now, for the first time, we can deliver to our organization a consolidated list of what we're working on. The portfolio management has been outstanding for us. I feel like the pace of project delivery hasn't changed much, but being able to explain where we are and the status of our projects has definitely improved since the IT department is delivering projects for a number of other business units within the firm. Primarily, this has been only used within IT at this point. We want to prove the platform, then see where we can push it into the organization further. View full review »
Director PMO at Sephora USA
It has helped us make good decisions in terms of what projects to take or how to prioritize projects when we have multiple directors from the business or product. It has definitely helped us prioritize and work on our critical things. The biggest impact from Planview has been prioritization, planning, and taking on the right things. View full review »
Director, Project Management at TradeStation
We're still finalizing our implementation, but our hope is that it can prove our prioritization process and strategic decision-making. We are expecting it to connect funding and strategic outcomes with work execution. For example, we are looking at planned cost versus actual cost holistically for our portfolio projects. That is the objective. We're at a place where we can finally start seeing that, and it's a good thing. While we are still in the implementation process, the biggest impact has definitely been the visibility into time tracking, demand, and capacity planning. View full review »
Director of Project Management at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
Before, we didn't have any visibility into the actual task. Now, we have fact tasks and time-on-task, which are very specific to the engineers. We can now look at a task, see what they have done, and what notes are around that task. We had a strategy, and it just helped us meet it. With our delivery, our clients can have visibility into what they are doing. It keeps the client updated on where we are at. Before, we would just hold status meetings and do notes. Now, in the status meetings, we bring up exactly what's been done and the client can see it right upfront. The biggest impact has been the visibility that goes with getting into our task or work. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Planview PPM Pro. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
418,646 professionals have used our research since 2012.