Planview PPM Pro Initial Setup

Stephen Budd
PMO Manager at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I was involved all the way from product selection through to delivery and handover. The initial setup was fairly straightforward. As an organization, we had some challenges internally in that we were a brand new department delivering programs. We hadn't really got our processes set outright, but certainly, with the support and help from the Planview consultants who were working with us very closely and regularly meeting on a weekly basis, it was certainly a very straightforward piece. Once you get your head around how things are set up and the different terminology, it is actually quite a straightforward application to enhance yourself in terms of how you want to build it forward. From the start of actually signing the contract, the deployment took around about three months, to the point where we had the projects in Planview and us actually using it practically. Our strategy was originally going to be a big bang but we thought that there's only so much change that our project managers can manage. We took a few key elements and the first pieces were to get the demand requests in place so that we could see what demand we've got coming through. Then the next part was getting the projects and programs into Planview, and being able to start reporting on those projects. From there, we then started introducing the resource management side of things. More recently we've been looking at portfolio management and prioritization. Looking into the future, we're talking more about enhancing that portfolio management and demand capability and bringing the two together. That's more of an organizational thing rather than Planview. We've got the basics in there to get us where we need to be. View full review »
Susan Breckenridge
Global IT PMO Manager at a wholesaler/distributor with 5,001-10,000 employees
The initial setup was complex. We got tripped up in some weird cycle between being able to attend some formal Planview training and being able to go to implementation workshops. For whatever reason, they would only allow two people from my company to attend Planview, and there are six of us admins. I had to forego my training to let my employee go because she needed it more than I did, but then I ended up being the one who set up the entire system on our side, and for what we paid for the implementation, I really thought Planview would have done more to help us. I was learning on the fly while building it and Planview was pushing us through these workshops and it was hard. I think it was harder than it should've been. We started early April and rolled it out on August 3rd but we're still missing pieces and parts of it. We never got Projectplace. We never talked about LeanKit, it was too much. There was too much that needed to be done, and I'm not a technical person. I've been a project manager my whole life so I understood that I was building what a project manager would want in the system. But from a technical standpoint, like uploading data and importing data in it from our old system and all that stuff, it was very painful just because I had no idea what I was doing. I think we could prep staff better on our side if we had known that this was going to be so much work. I built it, so I made a bunch of the decisions on the configuration like what the lookup list would be, what all the templates were going to look like, and all that. I had a project coordinator who really didn't help much at all, and then I had my peer on the business side who got into it, but she kind of struggled with some of the data too. For management, we've got one lady on the business side and then two of us on the IT side, but we have 40 full users. The adoption of it has been great. We also have two people on the external side that are not admins but they're full users and we have to work pretty closely with them. So, altogether it's five of us. Across the organization, there are 40 full users, 50 stakeholders, 300 time-users plus 50 users. We will definitely need more full users and stakeholders. So I would expect it to grow to probably 60 full users and 100 stakeholders here pretty soon. View full review »
Kimberly Gibney
Solutions Development Manager at Wake County
We started out when it was Innotas and I would say that the setup was very complex because we built the system from the ground up. It wasn't what it's like today. We've heard from newer customers that it's a lot easier today than it was before. When the company was switched, it was like relearning it all over again. We implemented a system and then we had to relearn it 14 months later. The deployment was started in November and we were live in February so it took about four months. Our deployment strategy was to take baby steps. We bit off small increments. We started with creating the project portfolio and then, once we got that up and running, we focused on the application portfolio. View full review »
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Director of IT Application Development at a construction company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It was relatively straightforward; I don't think it was a complex set up for us. Their implementation process was well-defined. The person working with us was able to easily gather the information that was needed, then configure the system to meet our needs. Even as time has gone on, and after four years, tweaking the system, whether it's a process change on our side, or maturing in the project management discipline process, it has been simple to do or easy to find out how to do it because the documentation is very thorough. The turnaround time for our deployment was two to three months. View full review »
Director IT Strategic Initiatives and PMO at a insurance company with 501-1,000 employees
The initial setup requires some work to be done, but it was not complex. You have to setup the organization, have customized reports, and customization. It was more of a standard process, but it was not so straightforward. View full review »
Dawn McClure
IT Project Manager at Carlisle Companies Incorporated
I wasn't part of the team when they implemented but I don't think the seup took a long time. They started it back in December and then I joined in March. By the time I joined it was up and running. View full review »
Senior Project Manager at a healthcare company with 5,001-10,000 employees
I was not involved in our initial setup. We are moving to the new request process, which is a pretty major revamp for us and I am involved in that. That work is currently underway. For the revamp, we have a lot of historical data and custom fields in the system, so there's a little bit more thought process we have to do around what we set up in the new request process and then how we migrate or what data we migrate over to that new process. And then also communicating that out to our request users, which we have a couple of thousand of, and making sure that they're aware of the updates that we're doing to it. I'd say it's a little bit complex just moving into the revamp, but I think overall the help we've gotten from Planview has been really helpful in mitigating some of that. View full review »
Director at Parkview Health
It was pretty straightforward. We knew what we wanted and what our requirement was immediately. Where other folks that don't know their requirements or use case, I could see it being a bit of a challenge. View full review »
Program Manager at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The initial setup was straightforward. We had a really good implementation team but unfortunately, our account manager who started with us is no longer with Planview. It was really fast, it took around a month. We had a full project plan for it that we worked with Planview on creating. Three hundred people in our company work on PPM Pro. You could call them the development team, project managers, portfolio managers, executive leadership managers, and cross-functional teams. It's just myself and a partner who work on the maintenance. In terms of the number of projects that we use PPM Pro for, it's adapted 70% and we do have plans to increase usage. View full review »
Vi EnChoong
Sr R&D Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific
The setup is pretty straightforward. View full review »
Project Manager at New Orleans Convention Center
Because it's cloud-based, it's behind the scenes. The setup is pretty seamless since it is done in a sandbox. From a user point of view, we don't feel it at all. View full review »
Senior Project Manager at Husch Blackwell
I thought the setup was quite straightforward. We worked on the implementation for three to four months. One thing that was very challenging is we are really new to project management in the organization. This was not only just putting in a platform to manage projects, it was sort of instilling project management principles throughout the organization. Our implementation manager helped with a lot of those questions too. View full review »
Director PMO at Sephora USA
It was pretty straightforward. There is a lot of work to do in terms of setting it up the first time, but once setup, it runs smoothly. We are implementing Planview for another department right now. View full review »
Director, Project Management at TradeStation
The initial setup was a little complex. There is so much to customize. It'd be good to have some templates out-of-the-box. View full review »
Director of Project Management at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The system itself was straightforward. Our needs were complex. We did an integration with another tool ConnectWise. It is a pretty complex integration. Our requirements made it complex, but the system is straightforward. The consultants helped us with the integration. From start to finish, it took us about eight months. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Planview PPM Pro. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
441,672 professionals have used our research since 2012.