Planview PPM Pro Room for Improvement

Program Operations Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
I did participate in the Spigit innovation challenge. My recommendations for improvement are: * Being able to promote from the sandbox into production any changes, otherwise you're redoing all of your work. * Imitating users: I want see exactly what they see when they have an issue. Those are the two big things for me. View full review »
Director Enterprise Applications at Nassau Health Care Corporation
Integrating with other tools should be easier and more straightforward. View full review »
Sr Systems Analyst at a insurance company with 501-1,000 employees
Managing a project at the executable level is very difficult using PPM Pro alone, so it is necessary to use one of the integrations such as LeanKit of Projectplace. This solution does not work well as a task management system because it is very difficult to expand beyond just the basic tasks, and this would be a worthwhile area for improvement. The dashboards are very blocky. You can get all of the information but they just don't look great. One of the issues that we have is related to capacity, where it is very limited in how you can input the capacity for people in future items. One of the things that we would like to see is the ability to have more control over scheduling. For example, you can switch into a scheduling mode but then it just takes whatever the time period of the task is and it spreads the entire workload for that resource over that entire time period. It doesn't take into account if they are off work, and I can't put them in twice. So if they have a gap, I'm still going to show that they have all of this free time, but really they only have the two chunks before and after their time off that they're available. More control in this aspect is a big thing for us right now. View full review »
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Director at Parkview Health
Every time I think of something it's almost like magic, they implement it before I can even suggest it. They're in the walls, right? At this point, everything I've ever wished for has come true with PPM Pro. Now that we're just starting up on Projectplace, hopefully I'll see that same type of thing. If I had to make one suggestion right now on Projectplace is the ability to manage more of the roadmap features. You have the roadmap, the portfolio, and then the drill downs into components that feed into that roadmap. They are working on this, and it's coming along. View full review »
Vi EnChoong
Sr R&D Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific
Anyone can go in and jerry-rig it. We would like the tool to be more locked down. View full review »
Project Manager at New Orleans Convention Center
I would like them to improve the reporting and tying in the strategy more easily. Planview has already made some updates, so I'm trying to learn what those features are. I would also like to see integration with third-party applications, like the JIRA, Microsoft Project, and financial applications. That is where we get our data. We want to look into these integrations, but I don't think these are there today, but I can see those things down the roadmap. View full review »
Senior Project Manager at Husch Blackwell
Connecting funding and strategic outcomes with work execution is a challenge right now for us. Part of what we are facing is we have a couple of drivers of where projects are coming from. One of them is our innovation group. They are just sort of tangentially using PPM Pro for recording the status of projects and not really planning them within there. We need a stronger link between our current financial reporting system and Planview PPM Pro, so we can start to more easily record our external costs in the tool. There may be Planview products that already fill this niche. I would like a better collaboration platform with a better view at the individual level of, "What do I have to do today?" Some of the Kanban card tools and things like that are definitely next in line for us. It has more of a classic UI instead of a more modern looking user interface. Especially IT guys are like, "How come I can't just drag my tasks from one column to another column?" We're just using PPM Pro and some of the other products may carry this. We are at Horizons to take a look at Planview's other stuff. View full review »
Director PMO at Sephora USA
We don't use their existing dashboard functionality. Hopefully, with the new reporting release that is coming out in November, we will be able to evaluate as to how we can leverage that. What I hear, "Everyone has either a Tableau or something else because Planview doesn't provide a dashboard." We should not need to use another tool. Planview has the data, so it should be able to give us what we want. This would also reduce costs since we are paying licenses for those tools too. View full review »
Director, Project Management at TradeStation
When I say the solution is moderately flexible, it's really that it takes time to configure out-of-the-box. It takes some work to implement. Some of the visualization on the reports should be a bit more modernized. I know with the newer reporting module, this might be better. Just a bit more intuitive reporting would be great. I would like improved integration between PPM Pro, Projectplace, and LeanKit. View full review »
Director of Project Management at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The biggest things are the status notes and internal notes. They have made some great improvements these past couple of weeks, but they are still lacking a bit. There are still a little kludgy. It just needs to be a bit more straightforward with notes, copying and pasting. They've made huge improvements, but it still could do some work. E.g., for some reason, the formatting is still looking a little bit weird on selecting different fonts. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Planview PPM Pro. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
418,646 professionals have used our research since 2012.