Planview Spigit Scalability

Eli Gerson
Manager of Innovation at Ameren Corporation
The nice thing is how flexible it is. We can run very small challenges. We can run very large challenges. We haven't had a company-wide challenge but we hope to have one this year. We can run a challenge within a day, with several features, or we can run a challenge over two months or an always-on challenge. We can have different goals, whether they be about culture, workplace improvements, business solutions, or strategic issues. We're almost always coming up with different ways we can use it. There hasn't been anything that we've thought up, a use case, that we haven't been able to do. We really feel no limitations on how we can scale it. We do intend to continue to scale it. This last year we had some of those intentions. The roles and the number of people in our team were in transition last year and that complicated our ability to use it more. We've been very deliberate about it because we wanted to have these initial challenges go well to prove it out. If we had more resources we'd be running many more challenges, but we will definitely scale it and intend that each year there will be more than the preceding one. View full review »
Kori Patrick
Technical Manager, Innovation R&D at Enbridge Gas
Roughly a third of the organization has signed into it at least once. Of that, we have 50 percent active users, which is really good. This is above some of the benchmarks for organizations at year-end. So, we're happy with participation so far and hoping to improve. We will keep working on it. We just launched a new challenge enterprise-wide, and we're almost at 5,000 users. Our organization size is at 13,500. Active users: We are at 2,500. Users are people who are coming in as participants, idea submitters, voters, or commenters. In terms of administration of the tool, we are a small three-man, innovation team within Enbridge. Right now, I am doing all the admin for all the challenges. We have done some cross-training for others to do some administration to run their own challenges, but nobody is doing that independently as of yet. So, a sponsor within any area of the company will contact me if they want to run an innovation challenge, then I'll set it up for them. We do plan to increase the usage with more broad communication, increasing the number of sponsors and number of challenges within different business units. Eventually, we'll get other administrators in different areas to manage their own programs and keep building up usership. We have already scaled up. We launched a challenge with a sponsor the other day, and so far, no problems with anybody. I haven't had one complaint about sign ins. I also figured out how to do a private challenges now, so I don't have any issues there. It's been good. View full review »
Nick Tso
Sr. Manager of Strategy at Sutter Health
It has limitless capability to scale. The core setup is something that's applicable to almost any topic as well as any group of people that you're engaging. Currently, we have only rolled it out to about a 2,000-person beta test. Before COVID-19 happened, there were plans to continue to scale this. To what size, we weren't sure. One of the options was to go enterprise-wide, which would have been 55,000+ people. View full review »
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Sr Innovation Coordinator at Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
There are definitely a lot of opportunities for scalability, especially within our organization. We have several different brands, so being able to incorporate them as well as potentially even being able to explore the options of incorporating our commercial clients. Then, maybe very long-term down the road, potentially exploring even external customers. View full review »
Business Analyst at American Express
I'm really still trying to figure out when it comes to the scalability. When we first launched, we took a a spreadsheet and were able to upload all of our email addresses for the people in our department. But, as we add or hire people, it becomes now part of the onboarding process, so that can be a little redundant in the sense of scalability, by just having to make sure that's done. Because now, when we launch the next challenge, it's only going to go to those people who are already set up. So, I'm hoping that we could fix that in some sort of way to make it more efficient. View full review »
Innovation Manager at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
We have the Spigit platform fully scaled throughout our organization and every employee has access to it. As new teammates are onboarded, they have instant access. The engagement is pretty high with new teammates. Typically, when you have a process improvement suggestion, software enhancement, or sometimes questions, new teammates are usually great at engaging with the platform in the innovation space. I think that we have natural organic growth of engagement in the platform. Our team isn't fully staffed. Probably when that happens, we will increase usage of additional functions that we're not using today. View full review »
Lead Intellectual Property Engineer at a manufacturing company with 51-200 employees
The scalability is very good. We have been very happy with how easy it was to get everybody onto the platform. We have over 10,000 names in the application. All different roles are represented. Everything from the CEO down to technical support and customer support. In addition, the executive team is in it along with sales and marketing, finance, and engineering. We have no plans to increase usage, as everyone is already using the solution. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Planview Spigit. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
419,360 professionals have used our research since 2012.