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Rick Briggs
User at CUProdigy Cloud Services, LLC
Aug 18 2021

Hi community,

I'm in the process of implementing a new ERP. It will allow customers to order (food service) via mobile device. 

  • ~100 to 200 customers. 
  • 10 inside users.
  • 10 outside sales.
  • 2 locations

I'm using SonicWall, VPN and SSL VPN. I'm planning on bringing in VoIP and Fibernode is coming. 

I need a firewall - something easy to learn and not too pricey. 

Please share your recommendations and explain why would you choose it.


Norman FreitagHi @Rick Briggs, Do you really want to run this by yourself? If yes, i go… more »
Chirosca AlecsandruYou should take a look at OpnSense.  Even for small setups, we recommend using… more »
User at iParametrics
Jul 07 2021


I'm looking at the following products: Deltek CostPoint and Oracle NetSuite ERP. Can you suggest any side-by-side comparison or anything similar? 

This would be very helpful to me. Thanks.

Gene HammonsSo you're comparing a solid niche player (Deltek) with a leading generalist ERP… more »
Harry A. PaulisonThere are many good answers here, but true the question is a bit too broad.  If… more »
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station

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