Portnox CORE Room for Improvement

Chief System Engineer at a media company with 501-1,000 employees

In our case, the product does what it's meant to do. I don't see any real need for improvement here, at least not for our needs. The interface is very convenient and provides very good security for exactly what we need the product for. It's a simple solution and we haven't had any problems with it for the past six or seven years. I don't know that we really have any pain points with the product or I'd be aware of them.

There are a certain number of false positives on occasion where we get an alert and really nothing is wrong, but generally, those issues have to do with computer configuration. It isn't really the fault of the product. I don't have anything bad to say about the product. We are very happy with it.

I guess one of the problems with the tool is our own fault. We could use a lot more of its features than we do now. But we have been using the parts of the product that we need for years now. If we had problems with it and it didn't do what we needed it to anymore, we wouldn't continue buying the support for it and we'd look for another solution.

I guess the only thing that might really make a difference is a change in the pricing structure. They charge us by the number of ports that we have on our switches. The more ports we have on the switch, the more we have to pay — even if we're not using all of the ports. From the point of view of licensing, there could be some kind of improvement. I think it would be better if we were paying for actual usage.

If there were additional features to add, I might suggest better options for integration with the firewall. I know that the product has this feature already, but it's something we haven't explored more deeply because it isn't the reason we use the solution. If there were better integration with our firewall, we might be able to do additional things like creating policies that would block ports that are under attack or other things like that which could be beneficial.

Portnox has the integration capability, but as far as I know, it's not something that's really built into the solution. It involves some scripting. I think that if they made that easier to deploy, we would definitely use it.

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Joseph James
Systems & Support Engineer at CWG Plc

I don't have any negative feedback in regard to the product as a whole. It's worked well for us and has very good features.

If the solution stayed as is, I'd be very happy with it.

However, if there was a change to the solution, it would be interesting if the Portnox team could include aspects of End-user behavior analytics (EUBA), with an aspect of AI to the already great profiling. But I already think quite highly of it.

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Consulting Principal at a transportation company with 501-1,000 employees

This solution reports a certain number of false positives, but it generally has to do with the configuration. 

The licensing is based on a per-port price, even when you are not using all of the ports, and this is something that could be improved.

Better integration with our firewall, so that we can create policies that would block ports that are in a state of attack, would be a helpful inclusion for the next release of this solution.

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Security Analyst at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees

Areas that Portnox CORE can improve include: 

  1. Support for unmanaged switches (or hubs) and other brands of network devices. These kinds of devices are still in use in organisations, especially SMEs who cannot afford to buy a managed switch.
  2. The licensing module. This should be reviewed to count the number of devices instead of port numbers of total switches. There is a case for this where not all ports for a switch are used by devices. Unused ports are calculated in the license, then the customer pays for license for those unused ports.  
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Learn what your peers think about Portnox CORE. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: May 2021.
509,641 professionals have used our research since 2012.