Postman Valuable Features

Software Quality Assurance Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The variables part is good. We can easily define the variables and we don't have to manually do a change every time, it gets automatically updated. Secondly, I like the validation feature which is required for our automation testing. This way we can see that our test case passed. I think we could add some more validation but we need to do more research on that. For example, how can we play with it and find the response code and the other statuses? We need to do more research on how we can validate the exact response and the code, and how we get the response messages.

We prefer Postman as it is the most usable solution. It's really accessible. We also use SoapUI for API testing. But we prefer Postman, based on the reviews, based on our research, and how easily the solutions are available if we get stuck somewhere.

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Asya Kundush
Product Manager at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

It is nice to have different workspaces. You have your personal workspace, and then you have a team workspace. In general, I like its UI. It is quite cool.

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Elvis Duric
QA Engineer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

The user-interface is very good.

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Girish Khileganvi
QA Lead at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees

Among the valuable features are

  • data-driven automation
  • response validation
  • testing of the performance of APIs.

We can also submit requests multiple times and it allows us to capture the response each time by using utility scripts.

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Kumara Subramanian
Director Web Technologies at Thapovan Info Systems Inc.

The most valuable feature of this solution is Collections. It perfectly suits a microservice factor.

The workspace is very useful. You can save configurations in their cloud so that you can access them from home, or at the office because you log in to the same account. You don't have to recreate them.

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Deepanshu Joshi
Software QA Test Engineer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

What is most valuable for me is that we can create and share collections between the team members.

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MichaelDu Preez
Senior DevOps Engineer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

The interface and the different types of API methods you can use are the most valuable aspects of this solution.

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Programmer Analyst at a university with 5,001-10,000 employees

This is an easy solution to manage. 

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