Pramati Reve Marketing Overview

What is Pramati Reve Marketing?

Reve Marketing's social media curation solution pulls together content from social media platforms, including blogs and user-generated content (UGC), into a “social media wall.” This allows you to repurpose it on multiple sites to increase social engagement. For example, provide fresh content to multiple audiences without additional work by embedding a dynamic social media wall into an existing website. Ours is the only solution that allows users to interact with social content (e.g., like, comment, retweet, play videos, etc.) without clicking through to a social media platform and leaving the social media wall. This eliminates competition for users' attention and helps increase social engagement.

Pramati Reve Marketing Customers

Western Union, Coca Cola, Intel, Intuit, P&G, USAA, ADP, Jiffy Lube, Unilever, MetLife, Johnson & Johnson, CBS, Walmart, Box, SaraLee

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