Disaster Recovery (DR) Software Questions
IT Central Station
Sep 13 2021

Why should businesses prioritize having a disaster recovery solution? 

Do you have some real life examples of cases where disaster recovery was not in place, and what the ramifications were to the business? And vice-versa - what are some examples of cases where disaster recovery proved vital and mitigated loss?

JohannFLEURYI’ve been working for big agro-company and multi-site for our different kinds of… more »
Zied Chelbidisaster recovery plan (DPR) is a set of “action to be taken before during and… more »
Shrijendra ShakyaI am in the business of Disaster Recovery and have been providing DRAAS with one… more »
IT Central Station
Jun 01 2021

How does CDP backup work? Is it an effective replacement for traditional backup solutions? 

reviewer1298934No it does not replace backup. This supports RTOs in the case of DR, but backup… more »
Tim LenzWhile CDP is a good idea it does not protect if the database gets corrupted… more »
Jacek WoytynowskiCDP is a significantly effective mechanism for protecting data, it is used for… more »
IT Central Station
Aug 17 2021

What should a business take into account when choosing between an internal or external DR site as a backup? What are the pros and cons of each?

Steffen HornungTraditionally, DR consideration was mainly to protect from hardware failures. So… more »
EagleTRL57In my experience, the two major factors to consider are: 1 - Capital vs… more »