Progress Corticon BRMS Overview

What is Progress Corticon BRMS?

Integrating business rules management with Progress Corticon into your OpenEdge applications can accelerate initial development by 10x, maintenance cycles by 25x, get higher-quality business logic by catching errors earlier in design, import database schema as Corticon vocabularies, saving time and money, engage business analysts in the development process and ensure proper governance and rules compliance.

Progress Corticon BRMS is also known as Corticon BRMS, Corticon, Progress Corticon.

Progress Corticon BRMS Customers

Tokio Marine, Cigna, Vitalbox, Adobe, D-reizen, Brocacef, Columbus Stainless, Redwood, Unum, eBay, UCS

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CEO with 1,001-5,000 employees
First Look – Progress Corticon Update
Progress Corticon Business Rules Management System (BRMS) v5.2 was delivered in February and focused on key enhancements for natural language support, mobility, and Progress Software integration.  Since the first version nearly a decade ago, Corticon has focused on offering easy-to-use tools to express and manage decision making logic.  The Corticon business rules expression language is based on OMG’s OCL.  While this does not require programming skills to learn, it does require a few days of training for business analysts.  With v5.2, the Corticon rule language can now be mapped to natural language.  This enables business people, with no training in Corticon, to understand the business rules.  Additionally, Corticon now allows the business rules to be managed in natural language via the…