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What is ProProfs Training Maker?

ProProfs Training Maker is a cloud-based, versatile learning management and online course creation software. Designed for educational institutions and businesses (irrespective of size and industry vertical), ProProfs Training Maker can be used for customer employee-facing learning applications it is the smartest way to develop online training's and courses. This integrated software can be used to develop online assessments, surveys, courses and even polls with the aim to offer comprehensive training and educational programs. The tool offers an extensive array of features the ability to upload existing learning materials encompassing presentations, PDFs and videos and even online content. ProProfs Training software provides features - analytics, course completion reports, advanced security controls and an all-in-one LMS, which encompasses ProProfs Quiz Maker - world’s leading quiz and assessment software with more than 3,00,000+ free quiz templates. Furthermore, it also provides pre and post-training support with a powerful knowledge base software, which the educators/instructors can leverage to its full potential to access relevant content - such product manuals, company policies and relevant training materials.

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Sony, Sell, Cisco, DHL, Yale, Phoenix

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