Protegrity Data Security Overview

What is Protegrity Data Security?

Organizations leveraging networked applications and services benefit from the flexibility and convenience of being able to create and access data across multiple devices and users. At the same time, sensitive data, including health and personally identifiable information, may need to be protected or de-identified to satisfy regulations or internal privacy policies.

Protegrity Data Security Gateway addresses these security, privacy, and compliance risks with advanced encryption and tokenization to transparently protect sensitive data as it moves across the network. By securing data in real-time as it is transmitted, enterprises are assured that data automatically adhere to rules governing sensitive data at all times.

Transparently protect sensitive data across the network without modifying applications or database calls. Protect applications and API’s quickly without impacting your business.

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Protegrity Data Security Customers

A $4 billion retail conglomerate and holding company

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