Proxmox VE Room for Improvement

Kevin Heron
Technical Operations Manager at Ocient, Inc.
Really every user interface could use a little bit of improvement. It is already very user-friendly at the present time but there are some ways that it can get even better. Another area that might have room for improvement is either building in or having third-party tools that could report on CPU and memory usage across your virtual platform. They have those tools for VMware and that helps you to point out resource bottlenecks so that you can right-size a VM. If a VM is soaking up too many resources, it is defeating the purpose of virtualization. Proximo is really missing those kinds of tools right now. You have to do that on your own. So that could definitely be an opportunity for improvement. It is not necessarily just room for Proxmox to grow, it is more of a possibility industry-wide for these products. View full review »
Propriétaire et Technicien Système at
I think the team is already doing 150% on improvements (started from 4.6 and now on the 6.2-6 version and every 3-4 weeks we are given new functions to compete with all hypervisors competitors). Releases are much faster than VMware or XCP-NG but be aware unless you have a paid support licence, then you're a non-production client (updates are tested on you so don't expect 100% uptime without giving it some love). The Windows drivers could be easier (unlike manually installing Ballon, QEMU and optionally SPICE, VIRTio, etc.) I would like to get new containers and/or new stuff that, unlike the leader VMware, is so new that it would now lead the market. View full review »
Director & CTO at TechnoInfotech
I don't have any real challenges about improvement here. (As most IT required features are included and they do have roadmap). Plus API & Command tool is lot helpful. I personally keep exploring other players and backup/Restore/DR software. And believe more advance features of backup/restore & DR Data Sync for Ceph on GUI fronted would be added benefits for users coming from other platform. On Security/Firewall/Software-Defined-Switch with more advance feature on webGUI would be also more helpful too. View full review »
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Edgard Ribeiro
Support Analyst at EDXINFO
1) PVE-Zsync GUI implementation - This is a very important tool, it could delivery the more advantage in comparision to Xen Orchestra and Microsoft Virtual Machine Replica Service. 2) Central Cluster Administration: The possibility to manage many clusters sites in "one only page" instead of oppening many browsers tabs! IT Cloud companies as us, usually need to access diferent clusters sites, I think it's good idea to centralize the administration GUI for companies that own two or more cluster sites! 3) In connection with my suggestion number 2, the possibility to create a "farm cluster". In few words, the possibility to move virtual machines (live or not) among diferents clusters sites separated by WAN links. Actually, PVE Cluster is realible on local links, due to multicast or udp rings, but in some scenarios when a entire cluster site needs to be put offline (eg, for maintenance or internet issues), a virtua machine migration to other cluster that belongs to the same "farm" but in other region will increase the "value" of Proxmox simular to Microsoft Azure Site Recovery ou Amazon. That will make my evaluation increase from 8 to 9 or even 10! View full review »
Principal Chief Executive Officer at Sebitech
The availability of the solution could be a bit better. View full review »
Fábio Rabelo
IT Manager at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
Mostly simplify web interface, simple things like the use of right mouse button to change VM attributes, make it more intuitive, but it is just cosmetic improvements, the core functions are all there. Version 6.x improved the support for Containers to the PRO level . View full review »
Kevin Heron
Technical Operations Manager at Ocient, Inc.
The product should have more enterprise features, perhaps DRS. I don't think Proxmox has the ability to sense that a host is running hot and needs to be evacuated. So DRS, dynamic resource scheduling, is a feature that constantly monitors the host and if it sees a particular host taking up a lot of resources, it will take that host off and throw it on a different host in the cluster that's not running as hot and doesn't have as much utilization. It protects the overall cluster As above, I think the DRS would be a helpful additional feature. View full review »
Ivar Andreassen
General Manager at Elogic
The backup solution is a little bit slow and sometimes sluggish on the restore side. It takes a little bit of time, but that could also be the fault of the hardware. We had some challenges with management including volume and storage management. Setting it up properly and making it work, specifically shared storage between the virtual machines, is difficult. The installation could definitely be easier. For the vendor, if the solution offered better information, they would have more users on it. The solution should implement something that enables me to at least get an overview of the loads and the statuses of the machines and applications from my cell phone. An app for mobile management would be great. View full review »
Systems Administrator at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
The so-called free support that the solution offers doesn't allow you to access the repositories. If they would allow that access like they say they do it would be better. It does work for about a week and then it times out and never works again. It would be preferable if they had a different viewing product other than VNC. The initial setup has a pretty steep learning curve. I'd like to see more high availability capabilities. View full review »
Eduardo Rodriguez-Mena P.
ICT Solution Especialist with self employed
This solution needs a more flexible and efficient backup solution in the dashboard. The capacity for integrating deployment through WAN is needed. Something like a Federation tool for Central monitoring and management. UPS supervision integration would be a nice feature because right now this has been integrated by ourselves using another tool that is not on the platform. View full review »
Daniel Dobkin
Founder, President at Everyman Technologies, inc.
The interface can be a little bit rough in places. There are some things that need to be done using the command-line interface, and these should be moved into the web-based interface. There are also aspects related to storage that are difficult to do with the interface. View full review »
Assistant Information Technology Manager with 51-200 employees
Its performance and support can be improved. Currently, there is a cost for support. View full review »
CISO And Senior Cloud Engineer at Kamena
If this solution could import directly from OVS format then it would make migration much easier. Not many people know about this product, so bulletins and advertising should be done to make people more aware of it. View full review »
Information Security Consultant at Excellenta
The solution should include some features that can help with converting raw files into different formats. It should offer better management around raw files. View full review »
Carey Butler
CEO at Heurist GmbH / Heuristica Information Services
I would like to see more monitoring in the next release of this solution. Currently, it's simple structured monitoring. View full review »
Senior Systems Engineer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
I would like to see an improvement in the virtualization itself. We use the physical servers for easier migrations, but the virtualization can be better. View full review »
Irfan Rosid
System Administrator at INET GLOBALINDO
The solution needs a better billing system. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Proxmox VE. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2021.
455,962 professionals have used our research since 2012.