PRTG Network Monitor Desktop App

What are your impressions of the solution’s desktop app?

IT Coordinator at ENGIE Renewables Ltd
I use the Desktop app all the time, it's constantly in my taskbar so that I can monitor things. If there is a problem, it flashes up red and lets me know there's an issue and I get to deal with it almost immediately.
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Chris Bentley
Senior Security Engineer at Fletchers Solicitors Ltd.
The desktop app is great. We've got it set to auto update, and it just ticks away nicely.
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Network Engineer at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
The Desktop app is fine, it's easy enough to use, it installs relatively easily. It's lightweight, it sits in the corner, and it pops up if there's a real issue. I tend to use the web interface to actually do any of the work within it. But the Desktop app sits there in the background and it works fine.
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Cybersecurity Engineer at a tech services company
The modes for the desktop app, like the API, update via email, providing us the information that we need with handy options, which we use mostly when monitoring. There are easily integratable into our call logging system, which automatically logs a call when there is an issue.
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Lewis Stonier
Engineer at Datacentreplus
I really like the Desktop app. I'm not a big fan of the web app because I've had some browser issues with it. Since finding the desktop app, I have used that exclusively.
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