PRTG Network Monitor IT Infrastructure Feedback

Does this solution provide you with needed feedback on your IT infrastructure? If yes, please explain with examples.

Adam Brown
Network Administrator at a construction company with 201-500 employees
It also provides us with needed feedback on our IT infrastructure. It is really critical to us to know what's gone down. I received an email the other day saying that one of our servers had gone. It's very important to us to receive that information. I received it at ten o'clock at night and I was able to remote on and fix the issue before anyone had even noticed it had gone down.
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Anton James
IT Manager at Silverstring LTD
In term of feedback on our IT infrastructure, it tells us when updates haven't been applied in a while, which is not a bad thing, especially with how Microsoft has been recently, breaking stuff. PRTG been great. It has let us know when a few of our SX servers have been having little issues, things you wouldn't necessarily notice under the covers unless you started hammering the system. It's definitely prevented downtime which, at the end of the day, is what we're after. It's done well.
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Systems Specialist at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Finally, it provides us with needed feedback on your IT infrastructure. We can look at individual devices or solutions and see if we're getting throughput, and how to utilize the hours. And that informs our buying decisions. It gives us a perspective from every angle.
It took less than an hour from the time I set up the solution until it provided feedback on the IT infrastructure. It's really quick.
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Network Engineer at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
It provides us with needed feedback on our IT infrastructure by telling us whether things are up, what the current usage is, and whether we need to plan to modify that. It tells us whether there are spikes in usage that either need to be addressed within the application, based on additional resourcing for the application, or at the server level.
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Group Information Security Manager at a comms service provider with 201-500 employees
It gives us the needed feedback on our IT infrastructure, such as utilization of disks on a server. We get that information back and are able to act on it.
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Tim Deighton
Infrastructure Manager at a logistics company with 10,001+ employees
The solution provides us with needed the feedback on our IT infrastructure. We use 12 monitoring servers, which we use to monitor our wide area network and router switches, so we do monitor bandwidth. From a network point of view, we can see the state of the network, as well as bandwidth usage and downtime.
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Paul Farris
Infrastructure Analyst
The solution provides us with defined measures of performance so we can see whether it has improved or decreased over time. We can then improve our infrastructure. We can measure that using PRTG.
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Callum Williams
Systems Engineer at Converse Pharma Group
It gives us feedback on our servers. For example, we've an ERP server which we monitor for certain files, and it allows us to go back and see that we had an influx around dinnertime or lunchtime of a certain number of files, so this was a busy period. It also provides us the feedback to go back to the business, and say, "This is a busy period of the day for us. Are there any resources that we need to ramp up during that time?"
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Shirwan Khan
Infrastructure Engineer at Lookers plc
This solution provide us with needed feedback on our IT infrastructure for management reporting. Stats-wise, we're able to get reporting out-of-the-box from PRTG. For our executive board, we're able to provide valid stats of what we are saving in terms of revenue in regards to the infrastructure of our business.
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