Pure Storage FlashArray How Pure VMware Integrations Help

Is your organization taking advantage of the VMware integrations developed by Pure? If yes, have the integrations helped? If yes how? Please provide examples.

Systems Engineer at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
It has helped us with information monitoring.
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Team Lead at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
We are using the VMware plug-in for Pure. It's meant more rapid provisioning of volumes for VMware, and it gives the customer more visibility of the storage.
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Sr Manager at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
In the past, they would have to reach out to the storage team to try and understand if there are any performance problems. Now they can see that right away as they are troubleshooting, so instead of having to get two or three seniors together to troubleshoot, we can get one person in vCentre. They can do most of the high-level troubleshooting right away and only if it has developed into something they can't figure out, do they need to engage multiple people. This all allows us to respond quickly to the customer.
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