Qlik Sense Benefits

Tami Svensrud
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at La Jolla Group
We adopted the Ikea approach where users defined what they wanted to see and we implemented solutions based on their needs. This allowed the departments to stay engaged with the tool. From our Business Intelligence department experience, we developed best practices and new visualizations to collaborate with the departments. This was rolled out beginning of January 2020. It was a good exercise in flexibility to use Qlik Sense to quickly adapt to the business and department needs during COVID. We are still making improvements every day to the Apps and will shift our focus to training to gain more user adoption. View full review »
Adam Abwat-Johnson
BI Developer at Soak.com
It has improved the amount of time it takes to get information out to the business in a few ways. Firstly, by replacing reporting that was done manually in Excel by business users and giving them that time back. Next, by providing cleansed data to analysts so that they can create their own analysis. View full review »
Data Visalization Architect at MSD
Qlik Sense has provided insight into specific areas that enabled us to shorten the supply cycle, give a better overview of the company's production, increase profitability, and improve the effectiveness of respective vaccines. Basically, it improved either processes or decisions for effectively promoting, demoting, or changing products. It presents visualizations enabling easier identification of compounds that lead to greater effectiveness of either trial testing, product delivery, or their supply to the various regions around the world. View full review »
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Péter Fábián
Business Analyst at H-Hotels.com
The solution helped handle the high cancellation rate in the hotel management and slowly rearrange to the normal, pre-crisis level of bookings. Parallel it forced the company to figure out new plans to boost the new reservations, and since the outcomes of these ideas could have been translated into data, we had a chance to measure and visualize them with Qlik Sense, helping us select the best methods in the long term and turn off the ideas that didn't function as well as it was planned before. View full review »
Aaron Seaman
Solutions Architect at Pekin Insurance
Our executives and business users are starting to see how having the ability to analyze data and not just view reports can help them make decisions to help improve the business. We have started on our journey to become a data-driven and data-literate company. Qlik has been partnering with us to help us along that journey. The only roadblock has been our underlying data warehouse. However, we are looking to move that to Snowflake this year. Qlik and Snowflake have a partnership that should pay off greatly for us. View full review »
Michel Lalancette
Business Intelligence Developer at Bonduelle
Qlik Sense did not improve our organization. Its use was forced by our parent company. We already have Cognos installed with dashboarding capabilities. The tool is good but we already have a clean data warehouse which means a lot of redundant work to load qvd files. It feels like Qlik was invented with a quick create report/throwaway when done mindset. We are not a company built around this so it makes reusing code very difficult. I must say the setup is easy and the user token is very flexible. View full review »
Tomás Peña
Director de administración at Agrosana Servicios Agrícolas SL
The most valuable thing for us is the speed in obtaining data and statistics of our business because due to the complexity of our corporate structure, many times we lost too much time in collecting the data. Currently, that time that we previously dedicated to compiling and refining the figures is dedicated to analysis for data-based decision-making. On the other hand, the analysis has improved the information that the organization manages at all levels, not only at the management levels but also at the operational level. View full review »
Dave Elliott
Global Solutions and Data Innovation Manager at MAYBORN GROUP LIMITED
The adoption of Qlik Sense has provided the business with a solid platform to build upon, moving from a silo approach to reporting through a multitude of large, static, cumbersome spreadsheets to an accessible, intuitive, powerful analytics platform capable to dealing with large volumes of data. For the first time, providing the business with a single version of the truth, the ability to see everything in one place. In itself, the efficiency gains of this have offset the adoption costs by a considerable amount. View full review »
Tomislav Lepcin
BI Project manager at Fixit Gruppe
First, we have changed our mindset from Excel thinking to associative thinking. Next, we've gathered deeper insight into our data. Now, using Apps in Qlik as a navigation tool, we are using hidden opportunities to open new markets and also to reduce costs. View full review »
Anh Thi Pham
Data Analyst Manager at Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation
Data collection, cleaning, transforming, and visualization become convenient, easy, and quick. Consequently, business users can make use of data by the fastest way and transform into better data-centric mindsets. Installing and deploying Qlik Sense is quite simple. With Qlik Sense Enterprise (multi-cloud) or Qlik Sense Business (SaaS on cloud), we even don’t need an IT guy to set up anything, deploying a dashboard and reporting system becomes simple and done in a few minutes with some simple steps. View full review »
Srikanth Penumutchu
The Qlik BI platform provides quick data analysis to the operations team, which drives them to meet the daily throughput target. It helps our engineers to quickly identify where the bottleneck machines are, and how to resolve the line-hold issues. It also suggests which tasks or actions we need to take in order to fix the problem or to meet our targets. View full review »
Willie Jacobs
HOD Analytics Department at OneLogix (Pty) Ltd
We have gained incredible value by using Qlik Sense by now enabling the users to utilize the data and the reports in an analytics platform, with all the users getting the same data and reports that will enable them to use the data and not spend hours preparing data. We now have data at our disposal ready for consumption on an hourly basis that use to take users hours to prepare for use. Being able to see the reports, numbers, and analysis of the data on a more frequent basis have enabled the company and executives to focus on the problem areas and track this on a regular basis. View full review »
User at a university with 10,001+ employees
This solution has definitely improved our organization. People are able to drill down information, see visual maps, and create a robust analysis. We provide teams with useful information and analysis to aid in decision-making. Using these dashboards, teams are able to make decisions faster than they otherwise could. Also, in some cases, we have overlapping applications. View full review »
Dimitri Jadin
Corporate ERP Manager at BEA Europe
This solution allows us to use a simple drag-and-drop interface to create flexible, interactive data visualizations. We can explore data with smart visualizations that automatically adapt to the parameters we set. There is no need for developers, data scientists, or designers. This has allowed us to turn our team into creators. They maximize their skills and experience by letting them focus on the things they are best at, instead of setting up data. By unifying data sources we gain a complete view of information, without gaps, and make it easier to discover hidden insights. View full review »
Prasad Mundewadi
Senior BI Systems Analyst at PTC
Qlik has made our business users empowered to build their own reports with minimal IT intervention. View full review »
Gustavo Alba Garcia
User at radical
With QlikSense, our company can tackle some projects that we never could have before. We are improving all areas or departments and we are building a real data-driven philosophy around data and the power of information. A lot of tasks are now very easy, whereas previously they were impossible. View full review »
Qlik Sense has inspired the users to question the data more. They are interested in making sure there is data quality in the sources and has helped make some quick decisions without the need to do repeat analysis. Qlik has saved users time and lowered the number of requests for analysts to perform ad-hoc reporting. View full review »
Peter Eerdekens
Commercial Business Analyst at Asilia Africa
So far, Qlik Sense hasn't improved much in the organization that I work for. We only just began the process of digitalizing our reporting and analytics with its counterpart, QlikView. The business user environment is still too data-illiterate to be able to work with Qlik Sense autonomously. View full review »
Laura Ashworth
Sr Business Intelligence Analyst at Tampa General Hospital
Qlik Sense has allowed management to stop their daily data collection and focus on managing. It has also allowed them to stop excessive use of Excel spreadsheets for storing snapshots of report data. They can see the history all in one place now. View full review »
User at US Robotics
This solution has given us a better user experience and quicker access to data. View full review »
User at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
Qlik Sense is becoming the go-to place to view data. We are relying less on Excel, PowerPoint, etc. View full review »
Ben Roux
* It provides the ability to integrate our applications with ERP web-based frameworks. * It also gives us the opportunity to develop our apps to be used on mobile smartphones and tablets. View full review »
Petr Rusnák
BI Consultant at dolphin consulting
Lots of end-users are now familiar enough with this solution to create quick dashboards based on their own data sources, like Excel files, CSV, TXT files, and databases. They also have the ability to connect to a data mart. View full review »
User at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
Qlik Sense brought Self-Service reporting into the company, thanks to the easy UI for business users. View full review »
It has improved the work of our team, thanks to the ability to manage complex models and thanks to the possibility of integration with different needs. View full review »
Mohamed Abdel Rhman
R&D Supervisor at Ofissoft
A great analysis tool helps us in many ways for showing the great potential of our ERP through Qlik tools. View full review »
Jonathan Flores
Qlik Sense has allowed us to make interactive dashboards quickly. It also enables self-service for our management team to get answers to questions quickly and efficiently. View full review »
Aus Ten
Application Specialist at Queensland Health
Qlik Sense has given us the ability to load large log files and provide analytics. View full review »
Claire Worledge
Managing Director at aufinia consulting
This solution has improved our organization by making our analysis results available to customers. View full review »
All the necessary information is available to everyone in real time. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Qlik Sense. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: June 2020.
431,275 professionals have used our research since 2012.