Qlik Sense Valuable Features

Jarno Loubser
Managing Director at B2IT

The associative technology is the solution's most valuable aspect.

Qlik was the first company to implement an in-memory associative analytics engine. This basically means that all data is loaded into memory, but it also means that instead of joining data together, the data is associated together. From the front end, from the UI point of view, data can be joined or included or excluded on the fly. It can be drilled down and drilled through and users can slice and dice it and that type of thing can be done from anywhere in the data to any other place in the data. It doesn't have to be predefined. It doesn't have to have hierarchies or anything like that.

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Tami Svensrud
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at La Jolla Group

With the changing business landscape, it is nice to access Qlik Sense through an external website. As an organization when we use QlikView Desktop, we need to connect to our internal network. We can access QlikView through the QlikView access point but the website has a little different look and feel than the desktop application. We appreciate that Qlik Sense is browser-based and the user experience is the same whether at home, in the office or on a boat. As long as the user has internet access, performance is the same. 

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Data Visalization Architect at MSD

The most valuable features of this solution are:

  • It has intuitive and user-friendly navigation, which facilitates users' adoption of the tool.
  • The associative searching and filtering capability is a unique feature among other BI tools, and one does not need to deeply understand the underlying data.
  • The in-memory compression and processing enable quick responses from the server, provided they are properly sized.
  • With Adaptable visualizations (mobile/desktop), there is no need to create multiple versions of the report, one for desktop and one for mobile.
  • The powerful data handling and preparation ability to transform data is very helpful.
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Péter Fábián
Business Analyst at H-Hotels.com

Unique data visualizations created based on - among others - customer reviews and hands-on experience. Qlik is an experienced company in the Business Intelligence / Data visualization area, that doesn't necessarily mean it is the best solution, however, based on my personal experience it is much more complex than Power BI and Tableau as I've had some things to do with these two concurrent softwares. Even though you need to learn a programming language similar to SQL to bring out the most of it, it's totally worth it.

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Aaron Seaman
Solutions Architect at Pekin Insurance

Qlik Sense allows the ingestion of all of our various data source platforms. It also gives our business users the ability to author their own sheets and share insights they have found. The number of visualizations that are present in Qlik is very useful for our developers to help our business partners tell stories with their data. Qlik continues to add to and enhance these visualizations with each release. We are also very excited to leverage the integration between Qlik Sense and Qlik Catalog as we roll that out soon.

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Khuzema Tikiwala
Manager - Enterprise Analytics & Business Intelligence at Meritor

The most valuable feature is Qlik's data engine, as it is so much better than other tools. We can bring data from multiple sources and easily blend it in Qlik and create a data model (star schema). 

The insight adviser is another high point because it makes it so much easier to communicate with your data. Users are able to create their own sheets and do their own analysis without worrying about data acquisition and data quality. The addition of natural language search has made this a lot more user-friendly and has opened up a lot of use cases.

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Mark Shannon

QlikView was a framework for rapid application and dashboard development. Qlik Sense takes that rapid development to a whole new modern level.

I can stand up new dashboards and data discovery tools often within one to two days.

The speed of execution, modern visuals, and the power to get and manipulate data from anywhere are why you should choose this product.

Qlik's performance is among the fastest in the industry due to its in-memory architecture, which allows data to be loaded and cached in RAM for maximum efficiency.

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Michel Lalancette
Business Intelligence Developer at Bonduelle

Set analysis is great for its power user capabilities such as performing an IF on an aggregated column. The ability to create custom coloring expressions based on values is also a good idea although not as easy as I wished it was. Its new trellis feature is great for not having to redo a lot of small charts multiple times and scales well over time. The ability to create presentations in the tool itself is good for users. This prevents having to copy/paste lots of images in an external document.

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Tomás Peña
Director de administración at Agrosana Servicios Agrícolas SL

Obviously and considering that Qlik Sense is a data visualization application, the most attractive feature is the fast handling of large amounts of data and the attractive visualization of the same. The large number of graphs, tables, and other objects that Qlik makes available for data analysis enables the advanced user to understand and discover new relationships between the data they are analyzing. Also noteworthy is the fast pace of updating the program, which I hope will continue in the future.

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Jim Vaughan
Senior Software Engineer at Ingram Content Group

The fact that we can develop and deliver solutions through the browser really cuts down on the operations overhead of producing dashboards that our company finds relevant.

We can easily and quickly deploy new dashboards that reach a wide audience and any changes get reflected almost instantaneously for the users.

Qlik provides an abundance of tools to use for data visualization. We spend more time focusing on how the data is best displayed rather than developing controls to display the information. 

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Dave Elliott
Global Solutions and Data Innovation Manager at MAYBORN GROUP LIMITED

The intuitive associative engine and powerful visualization capability within Qlik sense has provided a powerful platform that allows us to develop user engaging, intuitive, and agile data analytics tools that drive informed, timely, and impact business decision making. 

The flexibility of Qlik Sense and the addition of 3rd party extensions allow us to extend the use of Qlik Sense beyond analytics and bring the platform to the core of our digital workplace, augmenting analytics with workflow, and team collaboration.

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Tomislav Lepcin
BI Project manager at Fixit Gruppe

Moving from table to graph was a rubicon. After the implementation of all needed extensions, we are receiving only positive feedback and guidelines as to what the next steps are.

The integration with R & Python for predictive modeling, and possibly machine learning in the future, is very valuable.

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Data Management Specialist at Marsh Limited

The time required to build a dashboard is very good, as it only takes a couple of hours to build a basic dashboard. We use this basic dashboard in our Client Executive meetings where we then start the ideation process and consolidate requirements for the final dashboard. We are able to show the Client Executives the art of possible, which helps them understand what can be done.

It has helped us immensely with Data and Digital Literacy. Business users now understand the importance of data and data of good quality!

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Anh Thi Pham
Data Analyst Manager at Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation

Data load engine of Qlik Sense is the most valuable, it supports a strong script language which could support complex data transform and processing tasks, it could be used to replace an ETL framework, we can use Qlik Data Load Engine to get data from many kinds of data sources , then process, clean, transform and store to datamart by QVD file (an optimized file type of Qlik), finally visualize data effectively with in-memory technology which make the self-service analytics become a interesting activities.

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Steve C
Senior BI Consultant at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

Qlik's comprehensive ETL capability makes it stand out from other vendors. The ability to connect to a wide variety of data sources and its ability to transform the data quickly and efficiently is extremely powerful; especially when speed to market is the priority for app development. 

The front end has more than enough capability and visualisation options available and rarely is there any limitation that cannot be surmounted quickly and efficiently.

A steady stream of updates ensures that the product keeps moving forward and the output looks great on mobile devices. 

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Saurabh Deora
Safety Data Analyst at Novo Nordisk

On one click, it filters out most of the information, which gives an opportunity to drill down into the data. The drag and drop functionality provides an easy and fast development approach.

The associative searching and filtering capability is a unique feature among other BI tools, and one does not need to deeply understand the underlying data.

The powerful data handling and preparation ability to transform data is very helpful.

The associative model that connects the relevant column by looking at the same column names is a good feature.

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Willie Jacobs
HOD Analytics Department at OneLogix (Pty) Ltd

We love the automated reload of data function and being able to join data together from various different sources. The centralized management console gives you incredible power over the security of your reporting platform and data.

We are able to blend together data from our tracking data, operations data, and financial data to display a complete view of driver behavior, productivity, and financial impact. 

The capability of the software has enabled us to extract tracking data through our tracking provider's APIs using the REST connector built into the software.

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Dimitri Jadin
Corporate ERP Manager at BEA Europe

The most valuable feature is the interface for the end-user. Each end-user can create their own pages and customizations. This frees up IT resources to work on other problems.

Qlik Sense is intuitive and very easy to use.

The speed at which you get information is impressive. In one click, you have the answer to your question. That's important for the business but also for the user experience.

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Or Medina
Head Of Business Intelligence at Israel InterUniversity Computation Center

The data manager on Qlik Sense allows you to clean the data before uploading it into the intuitive interface that creates an automatic script you can later edit to your needs.

It allows you to create a new column using split on a current column, which we find very useful. This feature saves us a lot of development time.

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Gustavo Alba Garcia
User at radical

The most valuable feature of QlikSense is that you can capture the data without modifying it and then perform the ETL (extract, transform, and load) process. It is all much faster and safer. In addition, it is also easy to connect to any type of data source.

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Peter Eerdekens
Commercial Business Analyst at Asilia Africa

Qlik Sense makes it very easy to build interactive presentations for meetings. It has really nice graphical representations of complex material, making it easy to understand for the business users. Overall, it is very intuitive and easy for business users.

The AI of Qlik Sense "proposing" solutions is also helpful.

Qlik Sense is constantly being improved upon, updates and new product features are regularly released.

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Laura Ashworth
Sr Business Intelligence Analyst at Tampa General Hospital

The most valuable feature is the ability to identify trouble areas with detailed drill-downs, as well as data issues (Green White Grey).

Allowing the users to be able to take snapshots and create their own story without ever leaving the application is a very good feature. 

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Petr Rusnák
BI Consultant at dolphin consulting

The most valuable feature is the user experience. It is easy to use and has a modern design.

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Mattheus Roux
Project Engineer - Overhead Lines at University of South Africa

The most valuable feature is the mobile platform. This is a great way to share insights in meetings.

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User at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The most valuable feature is the drag-and-drop reporting.

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Jonathan Flores

We have found the use of AI to be the most valuable feature.

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Aus Ten
Application Specialist at Queensland Health

The most valuable feature is flexibility.

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Learn what your peers think about Qlik Sense. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: May 2021.
510,534 professionals have used our research since 2012.