Quadient Inspire Stability

Data and Laser Executive at a marketing services firm
Our team has been using Inspire for over a year and has been enormously impressed with the consistency of performance. The sheer breadth of what it can do has necessarily caused us delays in acquainting ourselves with how things can be achieved, but these are limitations in our experience, rather than a fault of the package. In terms of the system itself, I cannot recall any major issues we have suffered regarding its stability. View full review »
Tomaž Juvančič
Consultant at a consultancy with self employed
In terms of stability, this product has never let me down in fourteen years. The Designer can "crash" here and there (maybe once a year), but only in cases where I really exaggerated (for instance, data mining a several-gigabyte file). Even if this happens, all of the progress is saved and I never lost any of my work. View full review »
David Nixon
Senior Technical Consultant at a consultancy with 11-50 employees
The stability is great for the core product, and following a standardised coding process will enable error logging for debugging and production support. View full review »
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