Quest Foglight Container Management Overview

What is Quest Foglight Container Management?

Using containers to modernize application deployment is about to get a whole lot easier with Foglight Container Management. This powerful solution delivers real-time and historical analytics of containers and their hosts, across physical, virtual and cloud environments, giving you the container monitoring metrics needed to make the optimal choices when it comes to container deployment.

Many IT organizations aim to modernize and “cloud architect” application deployment and management through the use of containers. These standard units of software package up code and all its dependencies so applications can be quickly deployed, scaled and, if needed, reliably migrated from on-premises to a public cloud. Foglight Container Management ensures your ability to onboard, operate and support containerization without the struggle.

Foglight Container Management makes using containers significantly easier by providing real-time and historical analytics of containers and their hosts, across physical, virtual and cloud environments. This container management tool identifies performance bottlenecks, failed containers and issues within the orchestration layer.

Foglight Container Management keeps container data in-context with the supporting infrastructure. This unique approach helps infrastructure teams assimilate container technology more easily by removing the guesswork and hours of troubleshooting normally associated with contention within a container compute and storage platform.

The co-operation and data sharing typically required from DevOps is often impacted by using disparate tools. Foglight Container Management provides a common toolset for infrastructure and application IT staff to see containers in-context with the infrastructure that supports them. With Foglight Container Management, you can ensure optimal container performance through real-time and historical metrics.

Quest Foglight Container Management is also known as Foglight Container Management.

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