QuickBooks Desktop Scalability

R. Michael O'Hanlan
QuickBooks ProAdvisor at a consultancy
There are some limits to what a company can do, number of transactions. But it's in the millions, and I have never dealt with any client that reached more than that. And, if you do, there is a follow-on product called QuickBooks Enterprise, which is designed to handle the really, really big companies with lots of employees, and lots and lots of transactions, and lots of users, etc. QuickBooks Desktop is the perfect software program for a startup company to begin keeping track of its accounts, to work with banks, to present financials to its CPAs so that they can get their taxes done. I'm not a CPA. I don't do taxes. I prepare their financial statements so they can get their taxes done. View full review »
This product is intended for small businesses and allows for up to five simultaneous users, with a purchase of multiple licenses. If you need more users, you will need to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise. View full review »
Chaunce Dickerson
Purchasing Analyst
Not sure about this one. View full review »
Moses Wambugu
GUIDER at a tech services company

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