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What is Quintype?

Bold is the CMS that understands your content. Unlike a traditional CMS, Bold separates the presentation of the content from the content itself. This makes it effortless to create, curate and distribute content for modern consumption across different screens and screen-less voice devices. With a content workflow that is modeled after an effective newsroom, Bold makes it easy for authors to tell stories better with built-in support for reusable content cards, story elements, and story types.

All content added on Bold is optimized for distribution across channels such as SEO, Social and Mobile. Third-party integrations include Apple News, Google News, Facebook Instant Articles, AMP, PWA, Push notifications, email marketing, RSS feeds and others.

As a hosted SaaS CMS, Bold manages server management, performance, security and upgrades for its clients so that digital publishers can focus on creating great content for their audience.

Bold offers developers well-documented APIs, starter kits and design consulting services to jumpstart their own front-end development.

Bold offers free onboarding, migration services, 24/7 chat/email support, auto-scaling infrastructure, 95.95% uptime guarantee and regular backups.

Pricing for bold begins at $99/mo.

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Quintype Customers

BloombergQuint, The Quint, National Herald, Samachara

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