DDoS Questions
User at JISL
Dec 23 2020

I'm researching DDoS solutions, and have been looking at F5 and Radware. Are there any other solutions I should be considering? Please also share insights from Gartner.


Etienne WEHRLEYou can have a look to Imperva Cloud WAF, the anti-DDoS mitigation is under 1s… more »
IT Central Station
Aug 05 2020

DDoS attacks have been around for a long time. What makes them so powerful? 

What are the best methods for protecting one's network from DDoS attacks? 

Daniel HellmanDDoS  Attacks are insidious invasions of network domains that make them… more »
Ernesto Rosillo
Founder and Strategic Business Development with 11-50 employees
Jul 21 2020

If you have a CDN, does it mean you don't have to worry about DDoS attacks or will hackers still succeed in carrying out DDoS attacks? I'm a VAR/System Integrator and I don't see any problem if you have Cloudflare.

ISRAEL DIAZ DOMINGUEZCDN is not going to help you to avoid DDoS. The main function of a CDN is to… more »
IT Central Station

What is the most valuable feature of the solution you recommend?

IT Central Station

What are the most effective methods of identifying and stopping a DDoS attack? 

IT Central Station

How do CDNs work to mitigate threats?

Ernesto RosilloBecause the CDN have normally a WAF, a reverse proxy and a lot of locations to… more »
IT Central Station

BGP routing is used as a way of reducing DDoS attacks over networks. How does it do this, and is it an effective measure? 

reviewer1245303BGP Routing functions at the network level , and is therfore able to reroute… more »
Thomas McClureBGP doesn't inherently block, mitigate, or reduce DDoS attacks, it is just a… more »
Mihaela LazaWhen using a Cloud DDoS mitigation provider to protect a network, the service is… more »
IT Central Station

Is a WAF the best defense against a DDos attack? What are the most effective ways of protecting a business against DDoS attacks? 

Tulgat Tulga
User at bodi-electronics.mn

I work for a small information technology and services company that provides customers with high-quality IT products and services to fit their needs.

I am currently researching DDoS solutions. Which is the best solution available? Which would you recommend?

Thanks! I appreciate your help. 

Victor NnamWhen it comes to DDoS solutions I'd recommend Imperva. Their correlation… more »
Mihaela LazaWhen choosing a DDoS mitigation provider you need to consider the applicability… more »
Lamine Boulahlib
Technical Manager with 10,001+ employees

I have around ten years of experience working as a technical manager for a Telecom company with more than 10,000+ employees. 

We are currently researching DDoS protection solutions. Which is the best DDoS protection solution for a big ISP with more than 1.5 terabytes for monitoring and mitigating? 

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

Darryl TheronI would recommend A10 Networks due that it delivers high performance in a small… more »
reviewer1008744What type of DDoS protection are you looking for? There are many types of… more »
Tabbrez BalbbaleArbor would be the best bid, apart from Arbor, Palo Alto and Fortinet have good… more »