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Marketing Associate at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
Jun 27 2016

What do you think of ReadyTalk?

Valuable Features: Nothing beats how easy it is to collaborate with other co-presenters. • Improvements to My Organization: We rely on webinars to generate leads for our business, so having a reliable solution was key for us. It is much easier for us to partner with other businesses now. • Room for Improvement: One great feature they can add is the ability to use animations within your slides. • Use of Solution: 7 months • Deployment Issues: No • Stability Issues: No • Scalability Issues: No • Previous Solutions: Yes, we used GoToWebinar. The product was very unreliable for us and the quality of the sound was off. • Implementation Team: In-House
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Marketing Campaign Manager at a tech vendor with 501-1,000 employees
Jan 11 2017

What do you think of ReadyTalk?

Valuable Features - Marketo Integration - Simulive events - Customer service • Improvements to My Organization - Cut down bandwidth - Scale at a cheaper cost • Use of Solution - 1 year • Deployment Issues - No. Very easy! • Stability Issues - A few minor issues along the way • Scalability Issues - No, but would like to have more support outside of US • Customer Service and Technical Support Customer Service: - Great! Technical Support: - Great! • Previous Solutions - Cheaper, self-service options • Initial Setup - They have a great deployment team • Implementation Team - In-house with help from vendor, seamless with Marketo. • Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing - Great pay as you go options


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ReadyTalk gives you everything that's been missing in online meetings and webinars. Easy-to-use platform delivers superior collaboration technology, supported by expert service you didn't think was possible. With ReadyTalk, you can be sure of foolproof web conferencing anyone can join anywhere, anytime. ReadyTalk gives you a simple, high-quality solution that works how you want it to _ backed by outstanding customer experiences every time. There's no software for users to download, and no worries that technology will ever get in the way of your meeting or presentation. You and your team can just focus on having an awesome business engagement every time.
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Marketo, Attask, Profiles International
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