RedSeal Room for Improvement

Solution Architect at Beta Information Technology
There are some areas that have been mentioned to the engineering team. One of the areas of concern is the GUI. It is important to our customers that the GUI looks beautiful. It's a Java Client, so you have a Java dependency. In the next release, the dashboard will eventually be Java-dependant on the platform. Some other drawbacks are ingesting threat intelligence coming from different vendors. They create a network map and they laser-focus all of the vulnerabilities from the data that has come from the vulnerability scanners to the network map. It can tell you which vulnerabilities you should address first, as not all have to be addressed. You have to address the ones that are exposed to your network context. Your firewall is allowing or the router is providing access to it. I would like to see the visibility of the containerization environment. Everyone is talking about Kubernetes, containers, and spinning up applications in the DevOps environment. RedSeal already has a basic capability, but they're improvising their capability of network modeling the DevOps environment. This is a very important inclusion. In tech management, having tech intel feed information and DevOps is crucial. The Java section is just cosmetic and can be ignored for a person like me, who's more technical than commercial or who is looking at the beauty part of it. DevOps visibility is going to be a game-changer. View full review »
Steven Campbell
Vice President at a government with 201-500 employees
The dashboard should be improved to make correlating data easier to do. As it is now, if I go into RedSeal then I may have to look at six or seven practices, plus go to a configuration tab and then look at the mapping to identify one security practice that's been defined within the CMMC model. It would like to see a feature that gives specifics about different types of compliance. For example, different tabs for SCADA, HIPAA, CMMC, 800-53, and PCI, would be helpful for having everything available in one location. As it is now, I have to view Excel spreadsheets to get that answer. Also, these things change depending on whether you are dealing with a DOD compliance effort versus medical compliance. View full review »
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