What is Reduxio?

Reduxio's HX550 flash hybrid storage arrays, based on Reduxio's TimeOS storage operating system allow you to recover application data to any second in the past, eliminates most of the complexity associated with managing storage, and provides exceptional performance and efficiency, far exceeding anything available today.

Sample customers

Array Networks, Barnstaple Police Department, Catbird, Dingley Press, El Dorado County Office of Education, One Workplace

User Assessments By Topic About Reduxio

There are several features which have really set Reduxio apart in my mind as we went to renew our SAN storage and chose Reduxio: 1) The pre-processing dedupe engine they have instead of post-processing. At the time of writing there are not a lot of vendors which have an excellent tiering engine which writes to RAM, then SSD, then HDD, but also flag each block of data on the way in and only write unique data down to the hard drives. I currently have 2.7:1 and 2.5:1 dedupe savings ratios on my two SANs. Yes, I got a second one because I liked the first one so much. Notice from the screenshot below how 19 TB of data were written to the RAM tier but only 6 TB of unique data needed to be written to SSD. Same thing with reads, 37 TB of data was read from the system but only 7 TB needed to be fetched from SSD and HDD. Impressive! There is 256GB of RAM doing this cache, my old SAN had less than 1GB cache, 475MB to be exact. 2) The ability to do snapshots to any second in the last 24 hours, any hour for the last 3 days, any day in the last week, and any week in the last 3 months. This setting can be changed to suit your business requirements. Living in the era of Ransomware attacks breaking out every month I want to know I can use my Reduxio time machine to go back to the hour or second before the attack hit. 3) HTML5 management interface. I was tired of fussing with java versions and breaking my management. So far HTML5 has been beautiful and just works on all my devices and browsers. Seriously take a look at the HTML5 management interface here and see if you are not impressed.

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