Reduxio [EOL] Customer Service and Technical Support

Jacob Leifman
The sales team is very well versed and educated in the product. I suggested to them they may want to become a little more educated about competitive products so that they can better highlight the differences and the advantages. Regarding the technical team - we were privileged to get to talk to some of the developers and other people who are rarely accessible - I have, perhaps, a more favorable view than a lot of people might, because generally people don't get to talk to key developers of the product they're buying. Their tech support is very, very good. Now, obviously, that has a little to do with the company scale. I don't imagine they will be able to provide the same, almost personalized, level of service they do today when, at some point, they have hundreds of thousands of customers. But, right now, the sales engineers, installation, sales, tech support, engineers have a pretty good grasp of the customer. You know who to contact, when to follow up, how to follow up. It has been fantastic. Way back in the beginning when we were just starting, I think I had one or two technical questions. It was not difficult to get a hold of them and get them answered. On the flip side, with proactive monitoring, they are really good. We were doing some maintenance on our data center one day so the unit lost connectivity, the ability to call home. They made sure to track me down and verify that it wasn't anything malfunctioning in the unit. View full review »
Larry Lawler
CTO at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
The technical team was wonderful. They came up to Vegas, and they not only installed it for us, but they educated us on its use. My IT guy was up and running. As far as sales, I initially had a third-party vendor that was doing the sale. Then, somewhere along the line, I requested that I deal directly with Reduxio. The guy I dealt with, his name is Sam Eckhouse, and he's great. He was really good. I've never personally used their tech support but my IT guy did, and he said it was great. View full review »
Professionals, they know the product inside-out. The whole team are just amazing. They answer any questions that we have on the time. It was very delightful to do a training session with them, we like their way of thinking. They trust their product. In the beginning we had some small issues. They were very professional, very understanding, and have technical knowledge and engineering knowledge of the product. I didn't feel at any time, when we talked with their technical guys, that they would say, "Okay. I will check into it," and then get an answer in a few days. Everything was, "Okay, I know, I have the documents, this is the answer." It was great. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Reduxio, Unitrends, Cohesity and others in Backup and Recovery Software. Updated: November 2019.
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Eric Reinhold
System Manager at a university with 501-1,000 employees
Customer Service: The entire team has been responsive, on campus for face to face meetings, professional, and polite. No complaints! Technical Support: It has been excellent so far. I have so far received the same technician on site every time. I have been able to text him and get a reply within a few hours. We have been able to resolve all my major business needs. View full review »
Steve M
IT Manager at a insurance company with 51-200 employees
Excellent. I have had support do remote upgrades and also walk me through a VM recovery. Our dedicated support guy is fantastic. View full review »
Vice President of Information Technology at a museum or institution with 51-200 employees
Great. They've reached out to me multiple times. Sales rep has been fantastic. He was during deployment as well. I think they're really great people, and it seems like they really care about their customers, they want their customers to be successful. Tech support has been really strong. You can reach out to them. I haven't had any troubles at all with tech support. Overall, just very positive. View full review »
Richard Boucher
Director of Information Services
I would rate tech support #1. The support has been so responsive and great, they feel like one of our staff members. They provide unmatched support for our organization. They are very easy to deal with, very comprehensive on their demos and in their knowledge. They are very helpful in all aspects from the demo to the sales to the implementation. View full review »
Egbert Gutierrez
IT Director at a museum or institution with 201-500 employees
We haven't called them yet. We probably will, when we start installing Reduxio. View full review »
Nalin Uduwawala
Network Manager, Information Technology with 11-50 employees
The service is great. View full review »
Shai Dansinger
CIO at a tech company
The Reduxio sales and technical team was, perhaps, the most dramatic and impressive part of the package. I discovered open, honest, and candid professionals that provided my staff and me with intelligent explanations and modest, yet convincing answers to our questions. I have dealt with team members Effie Glass, Barak Zigdon, and Daniel Fragin and I regard them each with integrity and respect. In my humble opinion, the technical support is outstanding. I would also note that they respond quickly and generously. View full review »
Director, IT & Technical Support at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees
We have a good relationship with sales and technical. They are frank and accommodating, and the technical support we have had has always been quick and competent. View full review »
IT Infrastructure Manager at Afcon Holdings
I have a very good impression of Reduxio's technical team. There have been no bugs. But they respond very fast if customers ask for new features, and I ask for those new features. They deploy them quickly into the system. I get fantastic support from the Israeli staff, I don't really know how they could improve it. View full review »
Yossi Bensimon
Sales and technical teams are very professional, friendly, and honest. The technical support in particular is excellent. They have proactive support which alerts us immediately when any issue is identified. View full review »
Network Administrator at a K-12 educational company or school
Customer Service: Any time I have needed anything, from a simple question to someone to be onsite, the customer service has been exceptional. Technical Support: On a scale of one to 10, I would rate the technical support with a nine. View full review »
System Administrator with 10,001+ employees
Fantastic, especially the tech team. They went beyond the call of duty to get us transitioned from our previous vendor. View full review »
Director Informatics at a pharma/biotech company with 51-200 employees
Technical support is very good. Working with both the sales and technical teams has been good. View full review »
Albert Fuller
Enterprise Services and Operations Manager at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
I am 100% for this product which proactively monitors and give us assistance, when needed. View full review »
IT Administrator
The sales and technical team were good. They explained everything very well. View full review »
Alexander Amore
System Enginner at a wholesaler/distributor with 201-500 employees
We love it! Every time we call, we get nothing but the best support. We are very happy. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Reduxio, Unitrends, Cohesity and others in Backup and Recovery Software. Updated: November 2019.
383,725 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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