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Jacob Leifman
In terms of my first impression of Reduxio, and whether it has changed over time, the answer is "yes and no." The yes part is that there are new features that have arrived with the product that weren't there when we first looked at it, when we first purchased it. We actually asked them if they were on the horizon or being planned. The changes were all positive. Now there is the clustering capability, the mirroring which didn't exist some time ago. But, we haven't found any faults or shortcomings that we didn't know about. If anything, like I said, they've eliminated a number of them that existed when we first started looking. A lot of people use the expression "revolutionary technology" excessively, but most of the data storage SANs have been very similar, very consistent in their feature sets and approaches. The individual algorithms may vary, or what code they started with under the hood, but in principle, they are very similar. Reduxio is the first one to introduce some pretty big - I'd say radical - changes. Just about every other product I looked at, the compression and dedupe are an afterthought. They're optional. You can have them, you can leave them out. But with Reduxio, they're part of the design, they're baked right in, they are an integral part, not something you turn on and turn off. They are a key component of how it operates. Similarly, the whole Snapshotting - they call it the time machine - is very different from the way all the other products I've looked at operate. As for considering replacing our storage and backup with Reduxio's converged primary and secondary platform, we are a public school district, kindergarten-to-12, so funding is always a scarce commodity. So, it's something we're thinking about, we've discussed internally, but it's going to take a while, simply because we have investments in other products and we need to fully use up those investments before we will be granted funding to make a major change like that. Regarding advice, I would say fully understand the complete feature set, the complete philosophy behind the product. On the one hand, at a very rudimentary level, it is data storage. So, obviously, it is compared with and competes against other data storage products. But it is designed very differently, with some different premises and concepts, the whole recovery aspect - whether recovering data for a virtual server that became corrupted or recovering an entire unit, from hybrid or cloud storage. When comparing with other solutions, you really need to understand the technological differences of this product to appreciate it. If you think about it in terms of any of the conventional SAN storage solutions, then you are left looking at only the dollars and cents. I suspect that because of the choice they've made not to tinker with the hardware too much, it might not always be competitive. I'm sure that some of the other grow-as-you-go products start cheaper, but that would be a flawed way of looking at it. When it comes to actual deployment, in my experience at least, it's been an extremely easy thing. It's very intuitive, has a very modern interface. Instead of making the user set up a million parameters for things that the system knows better anyway, they put all the intelligence in the product and made the controls much easier. We are very excited about it. We support them wholeheartedly. So far, in my experience, I'd give it a full 10 out of 10. We haven't had any problems or issues, and the support has been fantastic. It has been a very, very positive experience, at least so far. View full review »
Larry Lawler
CTO at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
I was quite blown away in Irvine when I first saw the presentation from Reduxio, because it was everything that I was looking for, and they lived up to everything they said they could do. They don't strike me as just another storage vendor. To me they're revolutionary, because nobody else has this "time machine" capability. Everybody else uses a 20-year-old technology called Snapshots. Think of a Snapshot as taking a picture of the way things looked an hour ago, or three hours ago, or eight hours ago. Then, if something bad happens, you have to go back eight hours. With "time machine" you could literally go back a block at a time until you get to the point where the data is okay. It's very revolutionary. We have actually replaced our storage and backup with Reduxio's converged primary and secondary platform. We're using Reduxio for our primary and secondary, and in addition to that, we use our old NetApp as a target for long term backups. Of course, everything above is just my personal opinion, it does not represent the opinion of my company. View full review »
We have already replaced our storage and backup with Reduxio’s converged primary and secondary platform. My first impression was, "Wow, it's cool, I don’t believe that it is so simple to operate." I thought it looks and feels very innovative, very easy. The team was super professional, super responsive, with a lot of personal commitment to the project. Compared to others, they caught our attention, and it wasn't a hard choice to go with Reduxio. Over time, as I got deeper into experience with Reduxio, I became convinced our decision to buy the product was good, the right decision. The Reduxio team also makes a difference, it's great. In terms of whether Reduxio is "just another storage vendor," it's hard to say because, for the last four or five months that we've been using Reduxio, there have been no errors, no technical issues. Communicating with the technical team has been very friendly, feeling at home. I don't know would happen if are technical issues. Then we will be able to compare if they're something different or just another company. As for replacing our storage and backup with Reduxio's converged primary and secondary platform, we are doing so. We trialed and purchased the first unit and now we're purchasing the second unit. We'll keep using the primary and secondary unit, so in a month or two we'll be a full Reduxio site. In our case everything went according to plan so: * define your requirements * compare solutions * find the vendor * coordinate/manage expectations * negotiate and then run the project. My advice would be, look for simplicity of the product. Complexity is not an indicator of how it works as a good, first-class storage device. Sometimes, looking at Reduxio, you might say, "Okay, it's too easy. It's too simple to do things, compared to other vendors, that take us two, or 10, or 20 - dozens of screens - to do what is done in a single click on Reduxio. Sometimes very old-fashioned organizations, corporations, or small businesses look at the product and say, "It looks very simple, too simple, I don't think that it's a serious product, that it can be so simple." For now, having used it for less than six months, I would rate it as a nine out of 10. It's really good, easy, fast, and I have had a great experience with the staff, with the technical, and with the product. I hope that will be kept up for the next six years. We don't want to be in a crisis, but that's when you find who is real strong, what the company is like to work with. I would be happy to recommend that others go with Reduxio. View full review »
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Eric Reinhold
System Manager at a university with 501-1,000 employees
They gave me a free proof of concept which was very customer friendly. I advise you reach out and request to try it before you buy it and see if you don't fall in love with it. Honestly, when I first installed it I was skeptical but the technology and team won me over. I am very happy with Reduxio now! View full review »
Steve M
IT Manager at a insurance company with 51-200 employees
You won’t be disappointed with this ransomware killer. View full review »
Vice President of Information Technology at a museum or institution with 51-200 employees
The first impression of Reduxio, when I saw the demo at a colleague's workspace, it was pretty eye-opening and it just looked like a fantastic product. Having deployed it, that impression really hasn't changed. I think our particular deployment scenarios are a bit different in terms of having unique data. My deduplication rates aren't necessarily the same as someone else because I have a lot of unique data. But I'm still glad I purchased it. There are just too many features that are too attractive to have any regrets over buying it. I have not considered replacing our storage and backup with the Reduxio converged primary and secondary platform, just because I'm limited in terms of finances and budget. But if I could, I would. They don't strike me as just another vendor, I consider them really on the cutting edge of storage. I rate it a 10 out of 10 because of the ease of use and customer service. Do your research. Look at overall cost factors, and I think you'll come away with an understanding that Reduxio offers the best product out there for the money. View full review »
Richard Boucher
Director of Information Services
We have not looked into the option of replacing our storage and backup with Reduxio’s converged primary and secondary platform. However, we were impressed by the TimeOS ability to recover data to any point in time. Now that we are using the device we are more impressed with the I/O speed and ease of managing the unit. We have become more efficient by using this device. Reduxio is not just another vendor. Definitely different. From sales to support, the company has been extremely impressive, far exceeding our expectations. I would call them an innovator within the sector. I'd definitely give it two thumbs up. From their sales to the service, the way they managed the implementation, it was just flawless. It was a no-brainer, and they hit it out of the park on the product. If you're looking for local storage vs. cloud, it's definitely the solution to go with, especially with their time warp feature. If you're worried about ransomware it will enable yo to recover from that. My advice: Buy it, love it, never look back. View full review »
Egbert Gutierrez
IT Director at a museum or institution with 201-500 employees
We haven't really used it yet. We're still trying to install it. We bought it, but it's not in production yet. We had a proof of concept unit that was given to us, for a "test drive," and to see all the features. After all the evaluations of other alternatives, we chose Reduxio. Do your due diligence and look at all your options. But most of all, look at what your needs are, and make sure that what you choose is the closest one that will provide you with all your requirements, and your needs. Also, somehow, look ahead, and see if some of its features are something that you might be able to use in the future. Maybe other systems don't have that capability to replicate your data to cloud storage, like from Amazon or Microsoft. And this one has that. So even though I might not use it now, it's something that I will at least have. I'll be in a good position to actually take advantage of that capability. So when you look at your solution today, just look at other things that the company has envisioned, to where they want to bring the product, and what they plan to do with it. I have to give it a 10 out of 10. I've tested it for a long time. The company, the vendor, was good enough to lend it to me for several months. It's pretty good. View full review »
Nalin Uduwawala
Network Manager, Information Technology with 11-50 employees
I suggest you obtain it if you can. It is not a difficult decision to make at this point in time. In time, it is possible that other manufacturers will catch up with the Reduxio concept. Right now, it is the only box that does backdating and deduping of data within the same box. View full review »
Shai Dansinger
CIO at a tech company
My first impression of Reduxio was, "Hey, this is the first solution that I have ever encountered that can truly ensure business continuity," and my impression has not yet changed. For that reason Reduxio does not strike me as just another vendor. I have considered replacing our storage and backup with Reduxio’s converged primary and secondary platform but my budget does not permit doing so. I would advise others looking to implement this product that they base their decision on an overall IT strategy, rather than deciding upon a reaction to some particular need or problem. View full review »
Director, IT & Technical Support at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees
Our first impression of Reduxio was that it was simple to setup and use, and highly reliable. That impression has not changed over time at all. They definitely feel like a different kind of vendor. It may be because we got involved very early on with Reduxio, but to me it still has the feel of a startup operation in the best ways. They are eager to expand, nimble, and when we are working with their team it feels like input and feedback can actually get somewhere where they will be listened to. Reduxio feels like a AAA product that doesn't come with all the baggage of working with a AAA manufacturer. We have not yet considered replacing our storage and backup with Reduxio’s converged primary and secondary platform. One note of advice: Honestly, it's stable enough but don't forget to still engineer some redundancy in your environment. View full review »
IT Infrastructure Manager at Afcon Holdings
My first impression of Reduxio was that they were the coolest startup in the neighborhood. They do storage and they do it well, well enough that Afcon can trust them. It's very helpful. I have considered replacing our storage and backup with Reduxio's converged primary and secondary platform. I need another storage solution for my DR environment, and I'm really think about Reduxio as the solution. View full review »
Yossi Bensimon
First impression was that "it's too good to be true" and we wanted to see if the product really does deliver all the capabilities that were presented to us. It's not "just another storage vendor". Reduxio has definitely created a different category with their technology. The simplicity of managing the product is light years ahead of any storage products we have ever managed. The BackDating feature gives us a time machine that we can use to traverse time and go back to any second – no other storage product does anything close to this. In terms of ease of use, the GUI is quite amazing and seems to be taken from a computer game. Literally within 30 minutes, we had learned almost everything there is on the management UI and started managing the device. No other product we have come across comes close to the simplicity and ease of use of Reduxio. Still, we have not considered replacing our storage and backup with Reduxio’s converged primary and secondary platform. View full review »
Network Administrator at a K-12 educational company or school
I sleep better at night knowing that my data is covered, especially in these times of ransomware and zero-day attacks. View full review »
System Administrator with 10,001+ employees
In terms of my first impression, I was impressed with it very much, from the time we started looking at it. There has really not been any change. I think they're truly different from others in ease of use and stability. There has hardly been a learning curve at all. At this point, we are basically just in the process of deploying the initial Reduxio purchase, so we haven't considered replacing our storage backup with Reduxio's converged primary and secondary platform. My advice would be: Seriously consider it. We've been very pleased with it. For a group or company/corporation that needs an easily scalable storage solution, this is a good product. Also, I would definitely say have a demonstration of it. Definitely talk to them, discuss how it would fit into your current storage schema. Either attend or see a demo of the unit. View full review »
Director Informatics at a pharma/biotech company with 51-200 employees
The machine has been easy to use. Be sure to utilize Reduxio's support as they can be very helpful. View full review »
Albert Fuller
Enterprise Services and Operations Manager at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
Cost savings can be achieved by dumping your traditional backup software. Instant recovery is the way to go. View full review »
IT Administrator
Our first impression when we were introduced to the product was very good. I still think it's very good. They are truly different. The whole product is based on point-in-time restore capabilities built into their storage appliance, and no one else I know does that. I'd rate it a 10 out of 10 because it does everything that we have asked it to do. View full review »
Alexander Amore
System Enginner at a wholesaler/distributor with 201-500 employees
Don't shop anywhere else. Reduxio is 100% the way to go. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Reduxio, Unitrends, Cohesity and others in Backup and Recovery Software. Updated: November 2019.
382,745 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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