RepoPro Overview

What is RepoPro?

RepoPro is an enterprise repository tool for IT Asset Modeling and IT Asset Management. RepoPro exposes its capabilities with REST APIs which makes it easily compatible.

You can now store, manage and find asset information accurately owing to a built-in shared communication channel that automates the process of exchanging metadata and information. Dynamic visualizations and insights enable Project and Program managers to plan better by foreseeing dependencies. Solution designers can derive meaningful information about policies and metadata with ease.

Key Features

1. Information Modeling

  • Allows you to define and create entity types, attributes, relationships and rules

2. User Interface

  • Intuitive UI empowers users to organize and access digital assets and metadata information

3. Asset Life Cycle Management

  • Drive version control of assets, change attributes with ease and create relationship links

4. Visualization

  • Clear view of asset relationships and interdependencies, ease of navigation

5. Access Control

  • Create roles to map access to user functions. Control access and assign users to respective groups

6. Information Discovery

  • Deliver improved outcomes with ease by navigating through vast amount of assets using taxonomy trees

7. Integration

  • Connect your corporate LDAP for user access
RepoPro Buyer's Guide

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RepoPro Customers
Schneider Electric, Orange, O2, IBM, JPMorgan Chase
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