Rubrik Scalability

Matthew Gill
Senior Network System Engineer at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We have a lot of Rubrik, a lot of "bricks". If we needed more, we'd just buy more. The horizontal scaling is really great. I don't think we need anything immediately. But I could definitely imagine a moment in the past — not that I know that this happened — where we had ten nodes instead of the 50-something nodes we now have at each site, and we needed more and we put in more. I could totally see it all just working. It would just all of a sudden get better. If we were ever pressed and at a point where we need something better, we needed more, I would imagine Rubrik would have a solution for us and it would work 100 percent. Whether that would be to PoC some new hardware and verify that it would actually improve our situation, or tweak a setting, or do a site survey to figure out what we're using and how to help, they would either get what we are using right now to work better, or they would figure out what we need to make it better moving forward. That's scalability in a lot of ways. That's technical scalability in being consistent and stable and being able to improve and evolve. And that's stability and scalability and not having to plan your business processes around what should be a no-brainer issue. It's something that shouldn't drive your business. It should allow your business to be driven in whatever direction it needs to go. It should be something that just works, and so far I've seen it just works. We have over 2,000 employees, and every one of those employees has some form of a computer and some have multiple: a laptop, or a laptop and a virtual machine, or just a virtual machine, or a laptop and two virtual machines. It's a big environment. We have hundreds of Windows Servers and about 100 Linux servers, if not more. We have pretty extensive Microsoft SQL environments which are either always-on clusters or a combination of always-on clusters and available clusters, and then we have some Oracle Databases as well. I don't remember the exact number of what we're currently supporting in Rubrik, but I know it is a lot. We've integrated it in such a way — and this is a fairly normal process, but it's great — that whenever we put a machine online, part of the workflow is to get it to back up into Rubrik. Whenever we decommission things, it's to remove those backups 90 days after we remove the physical or virtual server. We keep backups X number of months after we remove the machine, just in case, depending on what our data retention policy is. It's ingrained. We're invested. We made the jump. View full review »
Don Rhodes
Senior Systems Engineer at a university with 501-1,000 employees
Scalability is pretty simple. We had initially started off with our two bricks in a replication pair, and then we needed to bring that replicated pair into the main system. I worked with support, decomm'ed the replication target, got that brick reset, and then brought it into the cluster. That took just a couple hours, but that included the fact that I had to physically move the box. But it was extremely simple and, once it was in, it operated just as you would have expected. All of the certificates copied over and I was able to contact all of the nodes exactly how I would've expected. It was pretty seamless. Performance-wise, we might be using five or ten percent of the performance that's available through the system. After that initial ingest, you're only really copying changes, and most of our changes are relatively small in comparison to what the system can actually handle. In terms of features, we're only using five or ten percent of the features that are in the system. I was working on using some other features and then the need went away. It was taking a snapshot of a database and from one server and restoring it onto another server, but the need went away so I stopped working on that. As new things come out, they move us forward. They just released a feature for the archives and cleaning them up. I must've missed it in one of the release notes, so when I ran across it I said to myself, "Oh, I better go in and enable this." Low and behold, it did exactly what we needed it to do and it saved us double digits of terabytes on our archive locations, which was great because we were running out of space. When they added the ability to link VM's between virtual centers, I enabled that one. As new features are released I'll implement them. There are quite a number of features, such as all of the integration with NetApp and Pure Storage, which I can't use because I don't have that storage. I can only use the features that make sense for us. View full review »
Assistant Vice President at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The scalability has been great as well. We have actually scaled up already. We got a few new bricks and it's been extremely easy to implement and manage. View full review »
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Senior Systems Manager at a construction company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The ability to just attach additional bricks to scale-out capacity is great! View full review »
IT Infrastructure Engineer at Shakespeare Martineau
The scalability is also fantastic. View full review »
Lee Apps
Cloud Services Manager at Tecala
Sam Kemp
Enterprise Architect at SH Data Technologies
Lead Storage Administrator with 501-1,000 employees
The only issue we have run into is the sizing of the Virtual Edge devices. In retrospect, we sized incorrectly and ran into the limits of the virtual device. If we had setup a physical cluster, we would not have had any issues at all. View full review »
No, if you need more space you can simply add a node. View full review »
Raffaello Poltronieri
Cloud Solutions Architect at Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni
Not at all, it's built to be scalable. View full review »
Julio Lau-Cheng
Network Specialist, Information Technology at Mount Saint Mary University
Mischa Donker
Cloud and Virtualisation Specialist at VodafoneZiggo
Engagement Architect at a software R&D company with 501-1,000 employees
The solution is highly scalable and reliable. We have a lot of users in the company, most are storage and backup admins. Not everyone has access to the backup system. View full review »
Domain Specialist infrastructure& platforms with 5,001-10,000 employees
This solution is scalable. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Rubrik. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
426,043 professionals have used our research since 2012.