Salesforce Commerce Cloud Room for Improvement

Syed Hasan Badshah
Advisory Software Engineer at Systems Limited
There are some areas which should be improved. For example, the community is very closed source. What if Salesforce provided some depositories? Now a big percent of the hubs are only for people who actually paid a membership, and then they allow you to start working from the cloud. But there should be some sort of trial or learning opportunity for other people to learn what Salesforce Commerce Cloud is. Because if you don't buy it, you won't be able to learn it. That's a drawback. I'm not saying make it open source because this is a private company. I'm just saying that it should provide some opportunities for the public to learn it. To provide more opportunities with it because the e-commerce platform is expanding all over the world, even in third world countries. They should provide some way to learn it. Yes, they provide us the documentation, they provide us the community, but they don't provide us the coding environment. It should be there for some trial period because it is very costly. People want to work in SFCC, but it is not very affordable. For example, I am in Pakistan and I remember back 2-3 years ago, many clients or customers wanted to use Salesforce Commerce Cloud but they didn't offer any services in Pakistan. That was their concern. And the billing was very, very high at that time. Because competitors were not there 2, 3, 4 years ago. But now the competitors are here and Salesforce Commerce Cloud is reducing its costs. But they are still not providing any free, development environment for the developers to explore SFCC. View full review »
Divs Chauhan
Salesforce Solutions Architect at Kcloud Technologies
The revenue share model is very attractive to organizations — strong product profit margins, from which to fund the license fee. This commerce model is not as appealing to high volume, low margin retailers, or B2B organizations as their margins are traditionally much tighter. I think that's a limitation they should improve. If your organization has a nonstandard or niche business model or audience, the fast nature of the solution may not be a good fit. I think the E-commerce cloud should be improved for the low margin retailers and B2B organizations. View full review »
Joaquin Arcardini
Salesforce Programmer at Freelancer
When a company buys a license for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, it is almost impossible to handle all of the features. This is why there is a high demand for developers or people who can educate the team on how to use it and how to configure all of the things people need. People will sometimes go online and learn about the product, then buy a license for something that they don't actually know how to use. This is another business that Salesforce is selling, namely support. They are not only just selling their platform, but also the services that go with it. For smaller companies, it is not going to work. For larger companies, it may work. There is space to have better communication with other kinds of platforms. If for example, you have a software developer, and a customer presents you with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, sometimes it's difficult to pick it up. It's not a totally different technology, although there are differences. It is a new product in the Salesforce environment, so it's hard to get people to work on it. Finding developers will also cost more money. There is lots of improvement that can be made in terms of user experience. For example, Salesforce Cloud has an excellent user experience. With this product, however, you have to be tough and you have to study. It's not like other types of products. For a person with no experience, this is like a nightmare. View full review »
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