Salesforce Commerce Cloud Valuable Features

Syed Hasan Badshah
Advisory Software Engineer at Systems Limited
There are a lot of solutions in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud itself. For example, a company may offer to our clients their Order Management system, but sometimes clients don't want to buy all the services from one service provider. If I'm a developer of SFCC, then some of my clients would like to hire me for only the SFCC stuff. But my video order management system is in some other technology like AIX or you can see their backend system is in a botnet for the autonomy system, so sometimes they would like to involve me in those specs. I worked with one company that actually sold three services to one client. That is one SFCC spot where around 30 people were working in that specific team for the SFCC specific task, while around 20 people were working in a botnet to connect SFCC with AIX database and AIX was their order management system. Actually, SFCC doesn't have that database capacity so they recommend that the service providers and the clients use a third-party service as a database. Okay. This how the SFCC works and how the services are being provided to the client. View full review »
Divs Chauhan
Salesforce Solutions Architect at Kcloud Technologies
Salesforce offers the best features and functionality which are developed and refined over many years to provide a highly customized e-commerce experience. It is mostly for clients who are more into e-commerce, so they go for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud because, the best part is, you don't have to develop everything from scratch. Salesforce Commerce Cloud has seamless upgrades. Since the platform is SaaS, Salesforce continuously rolls out many new features in the background. These are available through an administration panel and often with minimal or no technical intervention needed on the client-side. View full review »
Joaquin Arcardini
Salesforce Programmer at Freelancer
Multilanguage support means that this product will operate in English, Chinese, or whatever language is required. The translation feature is available, depending on the region, and it is quite useful for me as well as my customers. The development capabilities are very powerful, which is what my customers know and why they buy this product instead of something else. There is a good community of developers for the platform. With respect to customizability, you can do whatever you want. You can integrate with other solutions and put everything in one place. For example, you can connect Commerce Cloud with Marketing Cloud, then you can see details on the sales moving through the pipeline. Both these products are from the same company, and some customers already have Salesforce Marketing Cloud. For them, it's easy to implement Salesforce Commerce Cloud. With Salesforce, the technology is the same. They will know how to use it. The developer works the same, they both work with cloud and Salesforce is a known brand. They trust the information that they put on their server and know that the information is secure. View full review »
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