Salesforce Einstein Analytics Room for Improvement

Software Engineer with 201-500 employees
There are many things that have to improved. When I want to create a full outer join data flow it is not there. So I have to go to the front end and I have to implement the union of groups and I use SQL as well. I end up having to do lots of coding. We can do a left join but we can't do a right join or an outer join in the data flow, so this is the one problem I am facing. Map is a new feature also, even though it's not such a mature tool, a mature cloud technology. But not all countries appear in the list. When I need to use India, it is not there in the list. One further issue is that drill-down is not there. Suppose I have 2016 with four quarters. I want to drill-down into the first quarter to find some specifics. But it's not there. In the data flow there is a problem with dynamic date binding, it is very difficult with Salesforce Analytics. It can be done, but it requires coding and it takes time. It seems to mention, all over when we google Wave Analytics, that it's a mobile-first technology. But what happens in real-time, when we create a chart in Wave Analytics for desktop or for laptop, when it comes to a tablet or iPhone or something else, we have to manage the page layout. So, although a chart is there, it's not showing on the mobile device. When a client has seen an extra chart, they also want it on mobile, but it doesn't show on their iPhone. So how can I say that it's mobile-first? The chart should also show in mobile. View full review »
Manik Ghai
Senior Software Developer at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Support: Very less support now. Some days, I have to struggle a lot to achieve some simple steps even getting issues solved in deployment. View full review »
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