SAP Business Warehouse Questions

Fatima Chogle
User at Power International Holding

I'm looking in Business Warehouse and HANA Enterprise Cloud. Which is better, and what is their cost model?

Cloud Data Warehouse Questions
Ariful Mondal
Consulting Practice Partner - Data, Analytics & AI at a tech consulting company with 10,001+ employees
Sep 03 2021


It seems that Snowflake is becoming very popular nowadays. I have done some training and live sessions by Snowflake. 

I would like to hear your opinion about the main key parameters we should look for when choosing Snowflake over other cloud-based data lakes, such as costs, ease of use, maintenance, etc? 

And what would be success criteria? 

Steve SarsfieldI wrote a white paper on this that you can download here:… more »
MarkSmithWe did a PoC with Snowflake.  scale up and down works as advertised.  Be careful… more »
Jay AllenSnowflake is a columnar stored database. It is not a “data lake.”
Solution Architect at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
Sep 14 2021

Hi community,

I am a solution architect for a global tech company with over ten years of experience.

What are the benefits of having separate layers or a dedicated schema for each layer in ETL? 

One dedicated layer for staging, one for type 1 persistent tables, and a dedicated schema/layer for tables at a dimensional model? 

Why it is not recommended to have all tables in one schema?


I appreciate your help. 

Gouri MishraHere are some of the advantages of managing data in different layers: 1.… more »