SAP Hybris Commerce Valuable Features

-Rakesh Yadav
Senior SAP Hybris Consultant at Freelance
SAP Hybris Commerce has many valuable features. It will provide you the homepage, the search pages, the list pages, the product detail pages, the cart pages, and the checkouts. Furthermore you can use it to do a presentation for the business. With minimum customizing you can see the product, catalog, the prices with the payment gateway division and just go live. Overall, a request time of two to three months is a very efficient time for creating the E-Commerce session to go live. This is a very powerful product in that you can have single or multiple countries managed by a single Hybris solution. Their promotion calculations capacity is powerful. They set out how they're going to calculate their set up, their loyalty factors, and their different promotions. They are even capable of doing customizations for different types of promotions, different set ups and more. You can customize your promotion. Normally out-of-box solutions have around 10 to 12 promotions. It crosses all the E-Commerce functionality, but it's specific and there's no functionality, although you customize the solution and implement in your application. Hybris provides out-of-box features for promotions like percentages of sound, sound promotion, buy one get one, particular product bundle, and product partner promotion. These are out-of-box promotions where you just configure your products, and configure your categories and you're done. For the checkout, they provide you the interface, and you have the capacity to provide your delivery address, the delivery method applicable for each country, and payment gateways. They do the summary pages. They provide you with pickup instruction functionality. Now you can add any product to the customer store. One of the major negative aspects of this is the back-end agent. They provide you a back-office portal which is meant for the agent where they can do a manual provisioning for order checks, they can confirm, they can do a one time product editing, and do a synchronization of the product from stage version to online version. Stage version is just a replica of the online one. So whenever you're doing some change, pushing to stage, it will synchronize to the online version with just a single button click and all the changes will go live in a short time. It also provides you the built-in capacity for Solr. Solr helps you to search the indexing of the product. It is a different tool and it is already integrated here. You just need to index your products for the configuration which is very easy with the configuring they provide. Out-of-box they provide you the main conventions like searching over the brand category and size ranges. You can include promotions, as well. Then you can search over wide contractors. It provides everything. So with hardly any work it will do a Solr customization. Out-of-box you're quickly ready for business. The developer needs to do a small set up, changes in their code, test it, and you are done with the product. They also provide the good feature of product classification. Let's say you are selling mobile phones, and you have features for a particular mobile that has a black power, black handset, and five inch display. Everything is on display about it in detail. Also they have different attributes on display, with descriptions of the product and what comes with the it. You can write a review and the back-end agent or back-office review manager will review your comment, whether it's a good comment or it's a really some rude words. They can approve or reject those comments and it will be live immediately. Once an order is placed, the main thing is how you provision the order for the customer. For further fulfillment purposes, it can be triggered very easily from the codes once you place the order. It includes a set of actions that you will receive about whether it's already capable to be delivered or not. It checks that the order is properly calculated, the pricing parameters are properly set, the delivery modes are set, delivery items are set, the payment incentives, billing and everything. Then you can take the payment capture from the payment gateway. Once everything is done, you can trigger a shipping notification to the customer that your item is getting shipped, we accept the amount and it's done. All the major proponents are configured, like asking for customer inserts and certain websites, billing or placing the order. And if you want a few more, you will still do it after the transaction. Provisioning the order. You place the order, you got notification that something got delayed or the order got confirmed, or your order is getting shipped. You can configure these kinds of lists very easily. They are pre-set templates that you can customize. I was telling you about one aspect of Hybris which is its index. We can use the index to import and export. The import export index is basically used to carry the data to and from Hybris. You can import the data into Hybris' system, and you can export the data. Hybris is agile. This is good because a business keeps changing their requirements. You may not ask for something because the sales team has surveys on how common sites look. They can see it in the requirements. So once a particular page is finalized, you can do a development. The advantage of this product is that it can be deployed within two weeks, even with some custom requirements. It's not a complete solution but if you have out-of-box solutions, you can basically design an out-of-box site on your domain with no issue. But out-of-box you can't sell to the customer, right? You want some customer references, so you can put a time-stamped book on their title, and in a period of two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, five weeks, you can have a complete site development. If you don't have visit estimation you can go live within two months with sufficient data. It's basically dual-based, so everything that gets managed you have to supply, just to connect your directory to the Commerce Cloud. You just go there and apply their build. Basically, they provision a starting environment, like the desk environment, queue environment, production environment, streaming environment. It is all cluster-based. Hybris' SAP Commerce Cloud out-of-box provides you one back-office server, connectivity server and depending on the level they'll provide the same nodes that are basically meant for the public requests. It will be four-node or eight-node. So you can connect to the SAP Commerce Team, cloud team, and provision those cloud portals, and your team can deploy the base filters. Even getting a build to the cloud is very easy. It's a simple task. It hardly takes two to three minutes to push your build on the cloud environment. There is no need to write a simple command, nothing. You just mention your password and everything is done and you push it in. View full review »
Brahim Jdidou
SAP Hybris Engineer at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
I have worked with nearly all of the features. For example, I have worked on Stock Management, Payment Provider, searching with SOLR and Elasticsearch, and the Promotion Engine. For e-commerce projects, it has all of the core features so you don't need to develop a lot of things from scratch. If you have a client and they want to have an e-commerce project that is based on solid principles, you don't need too much time to develop it. SAP provides all of the e-commerce features and it is secure. Security-wise, SAP deals with large clients, and they feel comfortable with the security that SAP provides. View full review »
Rachid Amghari
Expert Technique & Solution Designer at Freelancer
Storefront is the most valuable feature for our clients. It allows them to start their projects quickly. Hybris offers a platform designed for speed. In one week, we can build a complete e-commerce solution. The checkout, the payment, and delivery options are all dedicated to B2C and B2B clients. That's the value for our clients. View full review »
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