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SAP Signavio Process Manager Valuable Features

Lead Business Analyst at a media company with 10,001+ employees

For me, the features I find most valuable are definitely in the Collaboration Hub. That is something that we are developing. We are getting more users on there and becoming more familiar with it. The new version is definitely much better that way. The modeling is obviously very important. As a business analyst, when you go from muddling about just using Vizio without using a particular standard and then you go to Signavio you end up modeling to a standard. In a way that can sometimes feel a little bit restrictive. But once you get to understand what the tool is doing for you in terms of giving you the hints and tips and helping you draw plans effectively, it makes a better model in the end.

I see that as a benefit. If you need to do process modeling, I think the tool itself is really good because you can just type in what you want in Quick Model and then that can draw a simple process for you. If you are going from being a business analyst with lots of modeling experience but you had never modeled to a standard and then go to the tool that can be a little bit restrictive initially. Well, then it turns into a benefit because you start using the tool that you are supposed to in the way you are supposed to use it.

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Business Process Consultant at Hirslanden AG

Based on my experience, one of the best features offered by Signavio is its simple Collaboration Hub functions, where users from various departments can constantly refer to in their TO-BE process design. The impact bridging silos with offering transparency is immense, especially in hierarchical organizations like hospitals. Most people feel part of the "process revolution" and some of them are even affected by the "process virus", thus initiating continuous improvement by looking at potentials/low hanging fruits in their own AS-IS processes.

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Principal Business Process Architect at Met Office

The model validation is valuable because many different people model in different ways to different standards. We have enhanced this by using the Workflow Accelerator functionality to deploy model approval workflows.

The Collaboration Hub allows us to share the models that we've captured and to get comments back, and we don't have to all be in the same room at the same time to do this.  Stakeholders can use their personal devices (even mobile phones) to collaborate and progress workflows.

We are using the simulation capability in Process Manager to accurately model how much things cost and how long they take at present. This enables us to simulate new designs safely at low cost prior to any significant investment in deploying new processes. 

The simulations will allow you to model where you are now, where you think you want to be, and check that it's going to work. 

This solution is very intuitive.

The integration of the Process Manager, Collaboration Hub, and Workflow Accelerator works very well. Now that the organisations process maturity has increased, we are looking at purchasing the Process Intelligence module to allow us to more easily measure and understand our current processes for LEAN six sigma process improvement projects.

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Process Architecture Lead at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees

One of the most valuable features is ease of use which has really been a good thing to put into the business. People like tools that they can just pick up and use straight-away. For example, people love the Spacemaker tool, which is funny out of everything they could pick, but they think that is really good. The ease of use, the way the interface looks is very clear and having the ability to add an extra layer to process plans is helpful. I think that extra layer is something that I've really been able to use with the business, and it is nice how valuable that can be.

With the various ways that we can get out into the business through modelers and also through the quick model, we have been able to get things into the solution from different formats and that has been adopted very well. We are getting a lot of the content into the quick modeler. Essentially, in the department I work in, we do not have a full view of everything that goes on in the business. The solution enables the subject matter experts to get their information in and then we can go along and help them construct it and tidy it up properly.

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Assistant Director at Ernst & Young

The most valuable feature for me is the collaboration point of view, where everybody has a single view, or source of truth, and everybody sees the same thing. Everyone can comment, contribute, and discuss the processes itself, which makes it easier to funnel down the most value-adding comments and make the relevant changes to the processes. This leads to the next best iteration or version of your process.

The interface is really good. It's on your browser, so you don't have to install anything. It just runs off Internet Explorer or Chrome, so the interface is I think a big plus for me.

The solution's ease of use is very friendly so it has been adopted quite well. I thought a lot of people might complain that they need to do tutorials and things like that but they didn't. The people I've spoken to or worked with almost picked it up immediately, without having to do too much coaching. That's a really good thing about the interface and the front end.

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Senior lecturer and researcher at a university with 1,001-5,000 employees

The number one, most valuable feature is the process repository so we can gather all our processes in one place. Then, students can also see each other's work, having all the comments in one place and attached to the processes.

The process repository is proof of, or an example of, what students can achieve during one course as well as how they have improved their understanding and learning of process management. 

Process Manager supports end-to-end transformation. Students can better understand end-to-end activity and processes as well as how they are run. For teaching, it's process discovery, then modeling, and finally optimization and simulation, partly. Typically, we showcase some simulation of the processes, and this is where we finish. That is why we validate that it's properly designed, but also what are the outcomes of modeled processes. There are also options for discussion on process optimization.

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Operations Governance and Oversight at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees

The fact that the repository is available on the web is the most valuable feature. It's a very simple tool. If you can use something simple and visual, you should be able to use the model as well in Signavio. It has the ability, for example, to track versioning control, so if you make updates to the processes, you have the ability to track the versions as well.

We had a solution before that was not as easy to use. A recent internal survey showed that people have found that Signavio is much more user-friendly. One of our goals was to make sure that our own staff is able to learn a model as opposed to relying on external resources. Our staff was able to be trained on how to use this tool and the model they own for themselves. In terms of ease use, it's very good.

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Process Manager at a energy/utilities company with 51-200 employees

The most valuable feature is the editor and its ease of use. I do a lot of live editing in meetings and I do workshops with the people. As they tell me things about a process and I am doing live modeling, they sometimes say it is like magic. When people are looking at it, they can make comments about changes that need to be made. This is really valuable because when a process is not documented, people can be talking about two different things and arguing about them without knowing what the other one means.

The ability to leave comments in the Collaboration Hub is a good and easy way for the employees to give feedback on the processes. This means that they can improve their own processes because it gives them the opportunity to look at them, and think about other ways that they can be done. They do not have to pick up the telephone and call the modelers.

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Procurement Lead at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

There are many valuable features, of course. I would say the main value of Signavio is to have your current process map in a way that is easy to read and derive optimization actions to make it leaner, faster, more user-friendly, etc.

Another great feature is the visualization, which is easy to see and read. How they map the process is also very user-friendly, with drag-and-drop functionality. Also, it's a very self-explanatory, user-friendly solution.

I would rate Signavio's ease of use as eight to nine out of ten. I am not a process management expert, but more of a business expert, yet I don't need much training to use it.

In terms of process modeling and automation, I can only speak on the process mapping feature, because that is the area I'm responsible for. I would rate it at a very, very high level. Besides ease of use, it is actually very professional in terms of its visualization. We even use it for external compliance audits and the like.

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IT Team Assistant for Integrity and Compliance at TUI Group

The most valuable feature is modeling. It is very quick and easy.

The formatting features are quite good because you can create very complex models, but you can easily clean them up so that they look very nice.

The customization is very valuable because we use a lot of attributes, which helps us with how we look at our processes and also the steps in our documentation.

The QuickModel feature allows you to start right away, put down a model, and then clean it up later. It's very quick and easy and we like that.

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Operations Change at Morgan Stanley

The reason we chose Signavio is it's a very robust industrial-grade business process modeling data tool, with data capture behind it, as well as a collaborative nature. A lot of it comes out of the box and requires less technology involvement. It can be run well by business users. That's what we really like about it.

It is also easy to use. We were using Visio, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Paint until very recently to document our processes. Through this automation program I was leading, we were using another product, which has the word blue in it, which was a leg up from Visio, but still not quite what we were expecting. For us, it's really about the data-driven aspect so we are able to access the data and stitch different things together, especially when you're looking at things in hindsight.

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Managing Director at Andrew Lim Consulting

The most valuable feature is the collaborative nature of it. If somebody documents a global process then everybody can comment on it, or contribute to the process map, regardless of where their office is.

For myself, I most often use the process manager, which has a friendly user interface.

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Global Business Process Management Facilitator with 501-1,000 employees

This is what we use and find most valuable:

  • Quick modeler; as the process interview can be done by everyone. The Gateway is missing, which is a shame because others have this feature.
  • Signavio modeler; this is our bread and butter functionality, although it is missing process variants, localisations, and no "To Be" process management.
  • Dictionary; this is an extremely powerful function that helps us to understand who does what, system and data usage, capability, and Business Term Management.
  • Collaboration Hub; we name it the Zespri process Portal. It is the one place to go, and a single source of information of truth.
  • Process management/Process governance is what we think Signavio is very good at.
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Quality Management at J Wagner

The most valuable feature is that the product makes it very easy to change something. If you think about all the things you do nearly every day, we should make a habit of creating defined processes for it. After you do, then you can simply open the editor and start right away.

Back in the day, I worked for another very big company. But then process management was more that we would take some post-its and write stuff on it that we thought we would want in the process. Then we moved them around to try to figure out what the process should look like. Then we really designed a process according to this very rough version of it by copying it. So with this tool, it is so much easier. It is possible to do the whole drafting process at the same time in Sagnavio so you don't have this double effort of writing it once, arranging and entering it again.

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Sales Operations at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees

Once you are in Signavio and you understand the notational language, then it is quite easy to use. You can work up process plans very quickly and share them easily. So, say the process owner documents a process. They can then share the process with other departments in the company. Even if the other people have no clue about process management, they can easily review the process and make comments. The collaboration features are great.

The capability to integrate with other solutions can ensure we are using standards within the company. If it is like LeanIX, our architectural system that provides us the inventory of our internal systems and SAP, whenever someone is in the process referring to the CRM system, you will spell it the right way and maintain consistency. 

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Senior Compliance Manager and IT Systems at Tui

The most valuable feature is that this is a 100%, web-based software as a service solution. This was the reason we chose Signavio. We are working in different countries, so we need a product that is easily accessible from everywhere and is easy to use, especially in collaboration for all users. It can't be complicated.

For me, it's really easy to use this product, and it helps to model processes and to comment on them.

I love the collaboration function, especially the option to invite people who don't have any users on the licenses. This is beneficial to use and work on processes and model processes.

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Process Manager at a wholesaler/distributor

The most valuable feature is the glossary. It is really nice because all of the information is centralized, and that is a big help to the company. Key positions were falling away and we didn't really know what jobs the person was responsible for. Now with the glossary, we can link everything and we know exactly what we need to replace if a position is vacated or eliminated.

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Process Advisor at Statnett

It's easy and fast. It's very quick to work with process teams in terms of improving processes. You just have to send them a URL and to have a process in front of them. I don't use all of the possibilities we have in Signavio. This has made it easier for people to adopt because when we scrambled the process team together and started a process of improvement, it improved their process. They are much more involved than they had been earlier, and they can also use Signavio to make smaller improvements in the process for themselves. There are many more interactions between the process teams and Signavio than in our previous solution, where you had to hire in a professional process modeler. It's been a great improvement.

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Head of Business Process Management at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
  • High acceptance of the Signavio Collaboration Hub by our employees (what is the highest value for us)
  • Easy to use for process modeling users by drag and drop
  • Modeling convention check automated based on the defined setup
  • Easy access for collaboration hub users by single sign-on
  • Linking different processes to each other
  • Collaboration, everybody can contribute to process improvements
  • Excellent deployment program
  • Fast response to questions/issues
  • IT feedback "fastest and easiest Single Sign On (SSO) we have done so far"
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Direct Business Process Management at Coca-Cola European Partners

I'm not a heavy user but I really like the concept of the Collaboration Hub, where people can work together on the processes. I would say in general, what I like most is that it is an easy to use tool. I have also worked with ARIS, and this is much easier.

I would say the collaboration features are very useful to us, because we are a European organization, so we are not in one location. This is an easy way to share with other people and ask them for feedback. That is the use case for us.

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Process Excellence Manager at a healthcare company with 5,001-10,000 employees

One of the most valuable features was the possibility of not only collaborating with the other system Process Managers and also with non-licensed users (whether Collaboration Hub users or other external users). 

This functionality ("invite anyone for feedback") has substantially increased visibility over work-in-progress when it comes to process modelling and overall process management and it decreased the time spent on giving and receiving feedback through emails and through sharing screenshots/.ppt files/Visio files etc.

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Manager of Process and IT at Phoenix emobility

What I like most about Signavio is the ease of use. A couple of team members received training from Signavio for two days, and now with this training, these people are training other colleagues within our company. 

The GUI is very easy to use, where you can sit together with your colleagues, discuss the process, and during these discussions you can build up the model.

The linking machine is very good. You can link everything that you would like to have. As soon as you have a URL, you can link it to Signavio. 

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IT Consultant in House at Interseroh proserv gmbh

The most valuable features are syntax evaluation, the editor, and version management.

The editor is very easy to operate and I like it for writing models.

Version management is helpful because I like to try different versions and then decide which of them should be the main model.

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Head of CoE Process Management at a healthcare company with 5,001-10,000 employees

As a business transformation suite, Signavio offers a number of integrated helpful tools. The Process Modeler helps with the conceptual work, but is directly integrated with the components of the Workflow Accelerator (Automation) and the Process Intelligence (Mining). This makes Signavio an indispensable service package. The Workflow Accelerator helps to quickly and easily improve efficiency and automation without the need to customize expensive ERP systems. Process Intelligence helps to get deeper insights of process behaviour.

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Team Leader Business Process Management at Laepple AG

This solution is innovative and simple to use.

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Business Process Manager at VAT

All in all, Signavio usability is excellent. Anyone can learn to use the tool quickly. This increases acceptance as employees are not facing a high learning curve. With the offered usability it is easy to model processes also live in workshops. The enforced modeling conventions help us to maintain a standardized process look and feel. Additionally, the collaboration functionality is top of the line. This allows us to quickly collect the various ideas and feedback from the various organizational roles. 

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Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Signavio's way of handling is really an advantage. It's quite easy to use, without too much training. That's the main point for me.

It's quite difficult for clients to change from describing their process in variety to a process modeling tool. This tool helps convince them in the projects, by using BPMN modeling, which is a close step of automation. There's a code that can be machine-read and so used for further automation.

My team does not use the process intelligence function but other colleagues of ours do use it. It's helpful, but there is still a long way to go for Signavio to be a leader in this area. There are other tools.

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Business Process Management at VAT

There are many valuable features, of course.

I would say the main value of Signavio is to have your current process map in a way that is easy to read and derive optimization actions to make it leaner, faster, more user-friendly, etc.

In my opinion, the most valuable feature is the editor and its ease of use, and when people are looking at it, they can make comments about changes that need to be made. This is really valuable because when a process is not documented, people can be talking about two different things and arguing about them without knowing what the other one means.

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Head of CoE Process Management at a healthcare company with 5,001-10,000 employees

The most valuable feature is usability.

The biggest benefit of using this business transformation suite is the combination of all of the modules. There are many components like process intelligence, modeling, designing, and presentation.

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Process Manager at DKV Mobility Services

The most valuable feature is that you can customize it completely with all of the attributes that you need. You can build it the way you need it.

It is really easy to use and design models.

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Learn what your peers think about SAP Signavio Process Manager. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: November 2021.
552,407 professionals have used our research since 2012.