SAS Data Management Room for Improvement

Abdul Samad Gabru
Director at PurpleOak Investments
Data analysis and analytics tools can always be improved. That could be to simplify or enhance the product. Technology is progressing very much in the area of analytics. I suppose the sky is the limit when it comes to improvement. There are all kinds of better ways of reading data, better methods of presenting data, better analytics — all of those things — new advancements come out every day. Additional features that I'd like to see in the next release would be making a better, more graphical interface. More graphical ways of representing data as well. Today the graphic element of programs is a big thing. Why should I have to use something that is not pleasing and simple when I've got the opportunity to use something out there that offers me better graphical options and different options of graphic display? I also have ideas for the programming side. I'd like to be able to more with the MDDBs (Multi-relational Databases) in the cloud, utilizing all the cloud features. You want to be able to have the information that you are analyzing available. If all the information you need is available in the cloud, people in different locations can look at it and you can help them to look at it in an analytical manner. So maybe instead of just showing them results at a high level that they may not be so interested in, they can click on a button or a tab or something else and navigate better to the data that interests them. The information opens up in a more customized way to their interests and concerns and then they read the analysis in the way that they want to see. To some extent, you've already got all of that. But those are the features that can be mainly improved to give them greater power over how they drill into it. Then the same information is available all over, people are examining the same information and are on the same page even if they choose to view it in different ways. View full review »
Senior Manager at Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited
The installation and maintenance need to improve a lot. It's complicated. The stability needs improvement in the tuning of the parameters, and the scalability could also be improved. Other solutions are better because they can load faster. In the next release, I would like to have additional features that allow you to connect with other databases. For example, we are using Salesforce. If I wanted to connect to the Salesforce database, which is in the cloud, I would have to have an ODBC driver and have it configured first, even though there is direct connectivity available. You would have to purchase a third-party driver. SAS Data Management cannot connect directly to SLBC. When using Tableau you enter your credentials and if you have access, there is a feature that allows you to connect directly from Tableau to Salesforce Database. With SAS Data Management, you have to purchase an external drive, and then configure all of the tables for all of the data that you will extract from Salesforce. It's not a straightforward process. Connectivity should be simplified, especially since it is a data management software, and it is expected that there will be multiple source systems. View full review »
Head of BI at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
SAS Institute build its solutions starting from the basic modules of the platform. So each solution consists of these basic modules plus some dedicated parts that are usually quite small. To adapt to the market which is rapidly evolving, SAS often changes these packages or solutions. These changes can involve both the functionality and the interfaces and the names of the applications. This sometimes creates confusion among users, both end users and consultants. View full review »
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