Sauce Labs Primary Use Case

Senior Software Development Engineer in Test at Autodesk, Inc.
We use Sauce Labs for mostly our automated testing on cross-browser and emulator devices. Our team mainly focuses on web product testing so using a third party vendor to help with the external resouces is a must. There are many cases that we need to run our test on multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge etc. Sauce Labs has all the options for us. Of course, because our products are mostly web based, we need to ensure the cross-browser testing for every release cycle. Instead of doing it manually on many real devices, we use Sauce Labs since they provide many emulator devices. View full review »
Senior QA Automation Engineer at Bleacher Report
Our CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) QA Pipeline interacts with Sauce Labs when it goes to run the necessary automated tests. Our automated tests exist for normal web browser tests (we specify to run on the latest Chrome version, on Mac OS) as well as mobile tests where are mobile tests run on various Android and iOS devices to verify that our apps are working properly on multiple systems. We use a 30 VM (Virtual Machine) farm from Sauce Labs, which gives us enough VM's to get through all our tests in a very reasonable amount of time. View full review »
Lead Quality Analyst at Derivco
The Primary use caes would be the following : * Using the device farm and also using the ability to use the virtual and real devices for the purposes of software Quality Analysis testing. * There are projects that sometimes require a variety of devices to perform software testing on and having the repository of devices to choose from that my company might not have greatly assisted with this use. * Especially in handling massive loads of users. Since there is virtual emulation as well as device farms with actual devices this allows a great number of devices for a team to test with. View full review »
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Ryan Craven
Quality Assurance Engineer at Optum
My company uses Sauce Labs to run all smoke and regression tests for our application. We primarily run our tests on Chrome 83, but we occasionally run on other versions (81 or 84) to check to compatibility. Our smoke suite runs on a nightly build, and regression on a bi-weekly basis. For building out new automation features, we have to have a passing Sauce Lab run before creating a pull request. Doing this ensures that our new automation features will run on other environments and not just locally. View full review »
Senior Software Test Automation Engineer at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
We use SauceLabs for Mobile, Browser and Backend testing. Our QA requirement is to test our apps against all major browser platforms including Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Apart of visual and functional testing of the application components, we also collect network traffic produced by the apps for further analysis. With latest update, accessing har files got supported natively by the SauceLabs. For mobile testing we leverage Sauce Connect tunnels as we need to connect the application under test to the corporate network and collect the produced traffic as well. View full review »
QA Analyst II at Regal Entertainment Group
The primary use case for this solution is for automation testing on mobile and web on our testing environment so we can implement continuous integration and continuous delivery into the workplace. With the automation practice being used we are able to deliver more and possibly deliver daily after each build is created in theory. With the automation, we can now focus time testing the higher traffic areas or higher risk areas that could possibly crash or cause a bad experience for the end-user of either the web or mobile application. View full review »
Lead QA Engineer at a healthcare company with 201-500 employees
We use Sauce Labs for the following: - Executing automated functional tests across multiple applications in a combination of about 5 browsers/os. These include IE11, Safari (latest), Edge (latest), Firefox (latest) and Chrome (latest). - Running manual exploratory testing across the same browser mentioned above to get a hands-on view of the application running in each of the environments. - We use the screenshots and videos to share the bugs or issues found with the teams to assist in the resolution of the bugs. View full review »
Senior QA Engineer at
It is usually used for manual and automation testing for different browsers and OS. Uses: 1. Running image comparisons on different devices 2. Run test cases on mobile and desktop OS and browsers 3. Running test cases on both production and QA 4. Sauce proxy helps us to run tests locally 5. Sauce lab analytics provide better experience to analyze failures and get run timing of test cases 6. Using it for both manual and automation 7. Can help to do compatibility testing of code in different OS 8. Reduce manual overhead View full review »
Senior Quality Engineer at Quest Software
Validates our cloud application on multiple browsers. The application is based on Node and is hosted and deployed on the cloud. The application is supported on all major browsers. View full review »
Aj Aj
User at Infosys Technologies Ltd
Mobile application testing. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Sauce Labs. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: August 2020.
441,850 professionals have used our research since 2012.