SCCM Room for Improvement

Usman Siddique
Information Technology Lead at a construction company with 10,001+ employees
The main SCCM lacks some things, which they incorporated into Microsoft Intune. When I evaluated these two products, one from VMware Workspace One and one from Microsoft, I found that there is something missing in SCCM, which is available and works very well in VMware Workspace One. SCCM should work to add these features into their service offering. For example, devices like smartphones and tablets are managed very well on VMware Workspace One, however, they are absent in SCCM. I could configure the iPad from the VMware Workspace One cloud and it was done very easily. It should be just as possible on SCCM. View full review »
Cloud Engineer, Infrastructure Architect at SarvHamiPars
Based on my experience with SCCM 2016, the main, big issue is not having a good user-friendly environment. It needs much better GUI. We had some problems configuring Linux virtual machines. We needed to install agents. Microsoft should pay more attention to these Linux virtual machines in order to make implementation with them easier. View full review »
IT Assistant at a international affairs institute with 10,001+ employees
I would like to see an agentless version of the solution. An agent-based system is one where every computer on the network has to have a client installed in order to be able to report on it or deploy to it. In the case of this solution, you need to have the SCCM agent installed on every computer. To me, that is a weakness because if you don't have the agents installed in some computers, then you cannot reach them for the deployment of software updates. An agentless system means that you don't need to have an agent installed on computers. You would simply sweep the network, see all live computers and deploy the updates be able to deploy updates. It is worth noting is that the installed agents open and run on specific ports in the computer. These may be used as launch pads for attacks; making your network more vulnerable to security breaches. View full review »
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Abul Fazal
Service Delivery Manager at Almoayyed Computers
We are okay with all the available features. In the future, we're looking for tighter integration with cloud solutions like Windows Intune. It is already there, however, it's still in need of some improvements. It's not straightforward in terms of the administration on offer. We'd like the solution to make it easier to manage remote users. It offers a very difficult cloud gateway when it comes to cloud management. The solution does need a lot of configuration and fine-tuning, so a company will need a dedicated person who's knowledgeable in the product to manage it. A few people complained that SCCM is very complex without CPS, depending on the SQL database, and when using SQL as a backend service. Sometimes updating the dashboard and getting the reports, can be slow. They're not getting an instant update on the database. That is where most of the customers tend to complain. View full review »
Systems engineer - IT infrastructure management at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
I can't think of any features that are lacking in the solution. It's quite complete, and a rather standard setup. If you want the best support, you need to pay for it. Otherwise, you may get less technical help. View full review »
Infrastructure, Technical Computing Applications at EQF Solutions
There is no asset management package included. You have to buy that separately so we need to use another system to manage that. This is one of the biggest things that makes SCCM not as competitive as some other systems. If they had this functionality then their help desk software would be much better and much more useful. It is a little bit fat on the client-side, in terms of the stuff it leaves in place after the management is complete. It would be nice if they could pay attention to that, although we have a separate way of dealing with it. View full review »
System Engineer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
SCCM supports the Windows operating system well: however, there is minimal support for Mac and none for mobile devices. Organizations that do not just go with a single operating system, having the flexibility to support more operating systems and devices would be an added advantage. This would allow them to stand out from other products on the market. View full review »
System Engineer
Sometimes the time it takes to find the fault is a bit too long. The resolution time needs to be shortened quite a bit. There are just some analysis errors that need to be cleared up quicker in general. Otherwise, data blocks and the firewall can be affected unnecessarily. The analysis is something that can be integrated. Their report analysis can be improved a little bit due to the fact that most of the time complaints policies are saved by the admins. It's something that we need to look into and search for. It would be nice if there was just a cohesive report of what was saved, etc. View full review »
System Administrator at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
The main room for improvement is the on-screen display. I think it would be good if some improvements were made. Overall, as of now, it's sufficient for us. I don't have any scope of what new features would be needed for our company. I'm not sure if we require anything more. We are good with this product. If our companies move to the cloud or something, maybe we'll need additional features. View full review »
Configuration Manager, MPE USARUER, G3, MCSD at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
I'd like to see some cosmetic improvements on the user interface. View full review »
Sr. System Admin at a manufacturing company with 501-1,000 employees
Its client interface should be more accessible, and the notifications should be more customizable from the console. It should be more user friendly and have some kind of customized notifications so that we can use it on the client side. These are the reasons why we restricted its use only for the server environment and didn't use it on the client side. View full review »
Ahmet Oruç
Senior System Administrator at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
If you need to reboot the system during Windows Update, it can take a long time. The deployment process is lengthy and should be quicker to complete. View full review »
VP Pre-Sales & Product Manager at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
I would like to see Microsoft extend the coverage of the product to integrate better with other platforms beyond Windows. View full review »
Igor Bujaroski
User at Toyota Boshoku America
Not everything is readily available, and there are a lot of commands that are only executable via PowerShell. In this regard, the user interface could be improved. This is linked to how Microsoft designs the products: They release a product and a visual interface, but also provide PowerShell commandlets. This usually is in ratio of 30/70 (UI / PowerShell actions). View full review »
Ruben DeLaRosa
Systems Admin, SCCM Admin at National Instruments
This solution should be simpler, and more consistent across modules/sections. Reporting and collection queries should be made easier to do. View full review »
Doug Sullivan
Network Operations Manager at CHA Consulting
The operations could be faster and you need some patience with this tool. I wish that sending media to remote distribution points was faster. View full review »
Lavanya Tejasvi
ITA at Tata Consultancy Services
This solution needs to be supported on all Operating systems. View full review »
Noelle Changalwa
Enterprise System Engineer at CRAG
The cost of the product can be improved. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about SCCM. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: December 2020.
455,962 professionals have used our research since 2012.