SCOM Room for Improvement

Pieter Van Blommestein
Manager, Principle Systems Engineer and team lead at BCX
Even though I think there are ways that this product is superior to most other solutions on the market, there are quite a few things that it does not do alone. This is where the product can be improved. One of the facets is in network monitoring. In fact, it can use quite a lot of improvement in that area. That's where products — like CA Technologies Performance Manager — are much better. You can do a lot with it that you can not with the reporting in SCOM. However overall that CA product is not as well rounded and complete. The Scrum files that you set up can be made better. For example, you may want accounts that have access to the SCOM console to have more granular access. For example, you may have a situation where you prefer that only certain engineers will be able to add agents to the server — and only the server. But you can't set up the permissions that are this granular. Likewise, it may be that you want to assign someone the right to do threshold changes or to the environment of certain places of certain management groups. It is not part of the standard solution. With other monitoring tools, you have the ability to set the permissions granularly, which SCOM actually doesn't do. So I hope that they would add that feature and support granularity. There are other ways in which to do it, but if you can do it in the monitoring tool itself and in the administration, then it'll make things much easier and make it a far more complete, unified solution. One more thing would be better application monitoring. Products like AppDynamics do that very well and exceed the capabilities of SCOM. What I think I would like to see is for SCOM to be more of a complete end-to-end solution so there is no need to look to other solutions or work outside of the singular product. View full review »
Amit Ben-Horin
Monitoring Systems Administrator at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
All of the areas of reporting are very bad and need to be improved. It is not simple to get a report. Even the monitoring people, who are supposed to be familiar with the system, are having difficulty generating specific reports. Also, the information in the reports is not user-friendly. The console is very slow, and not user-friendly. Even the browser for the web console is not very friendly, and I would not consider it useful compared to other ones that I have worked with. I would like to see the inclusion of more monitoring templates, where I would just have to enter variables and nothing more. If there were a template then it would save time, rather than have to create it again. The monitoring of Linux servers needs to be improved because it is hard compared to other products. View full review »
Snr Systems Engineer at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees
On-prem network monitoring is something that could be improved drastically. In fact, it should have better end-to-end monitoring from the physical layer up to the software. View full review »
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Morne' O'Kennedy
Lead specialist at OKCIUS (Pty) Ltd
The end-user components, including the dashboards, the administration console, and the web console, need to be improved. I would like to see more focus on application monitoring in the next release of this solution. View full review »
Molatelo Mashabela
IT SEC at a government with 10,001+ employees
I don't really think anything needs to be improved. We will soon be trying to use it with Microsoft to log analytics and that will be cloud-based. I would like to have the ability to schedule my reports via email or through SMS. Then there is also an issue with capacity and limited space. That is something that needs to be improved. View full review »
Vinicius Ribeiro
Head of IT South America at Compass Minerals
This product is not easy to use. I would like to see more standard libraries for the market solutions, out of the box, that you don't need to do a lot of work on. View full review »
Marc Zijnge
Head of ICT at JAROLA
Price is always an issue with Microsoft and could be improved. View full review »
IT Infrastructure Engineer at a manufacturing company with 5,001-10,000 employees
I would like to see better support for monitoring Unix-based systems. The Unix management functionality is not yet truly mature. The reporting capability needs improvement. This solution would be improved if the management functionality were expanded to include other products, such as WebSphere MQ. View full review »
Endre Németh
Senior Owner and Qualifying Expert at MOL Plc
The console feature is very poor, and it would be very good for us if this were improved. The application monitoring feature is also poor. I would also like to see better training materials. What we currently have is very light. The ability to connect to cloud-based solutions would be very good. View full review »
paul zuber
Operating Partner at Thoma Bravo LLC with 11-50 employees
I would like to better be able to monitor Oracle processes. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft, CA (A Broadcom Company), Micro Focus and others in Event Monitoring. Updated: January 2020.
390,510 professionals have used our research since 2012.