Securonix Security Analytics Business Critical Apps

Do you use the solution's cloud monitoring functionality? If yes, which business-critical, cloud-based applications does it monitor for you?

Amit Chopra
CEO/Executive Director at Iconic Engines
The cloud has been a tremendous advance as well. We had no visibility into our cloud. Something that we would never do with our traditional SIEM or any of our previous backbones was to have visibility into what people were uploading on our SharePoint, what people were accessing on our Azure. Cloud has definitely helped us with a lot of visibility and we are getting some good results.
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Chief Technology Officer at Saviynt
The solution's cloud-monitoring functionality is the only thing we use, because we are a cloud company. Our Office is Office 365, our HR system is BambooHR. Everything we use is hosted in the cloud. So cloud monitoring is the number-one use case for us. In addition to those applications, the solution monitors Salesforce, which our sales team uses, Concur, which is our time and expense system, and it monitors our own application that we use for providing service to our customers. And finally, it monitors our AWS environment.
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