Securonix UEBA Other Advice

Yi Liu
Principal Member of Technical Staff at AT&T
The biggest lesson I have seen from using Securonix is that you should never underestimate how complex and large scale a client deployment could be. Prior to Securonix coming to us, they had huge success in different sectors with big and small companies, until they had us. We were a challenge. We have successfully overcome the challenges and proved they're the best. But everybody who went through that process learned a lot about never underestimating how complex a client can become and how demanding they can be. My advice would be to consider Securonix. You can horizontally compare competitors across the space but really pay attention to what they can offer. That's how they impressed us when we compared. Sometimes you can't tell the difference until you compare different varieties of apples. Sometimes, when we asked the same question to five vendors, four of them didn't even understand what the question meant. That was an indication in and of itself and showed the difference. So pay attention to this player and compare them against others. That's going to make you more confident. Don't pass over this one. Within our company, the number of users who are using the platform to monitor threats and develop content is less than ten people. It's a very controlled user group because of the sensitivity of the user data and the activity data within the platform. We have a dedicated team within the chief security office called the Insider Threat Program Team. They are responsible for operational monitoring, keeping the system up, developing content, and responding to the findings. They do all things connected with the platform. But the platform itself monitors a user-base of 600,000 people. In terms of deployment and maintenance, we have two people from our group who are leading that effort but in the background, with regard to the data center deployment, there are a bunch of people supporting it from that perspective. We don't use their cloud monitoring functionality but we are interested in that area too. Overall, I would rate the solution at ten out of ten. There have been a lot of challenges, but the more we face challenges and I see how we work through them, the more confident we are in this product. View full review »
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