SemaphoreCI Competitors and Alternatives

The top SemaphoreCI competitors are
  • Travis CI
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Travis CI
Ben Dougherty
Real User
Senior Developer at Code Drop Pty Ltd
Nov 17 2016

What do you think of Travis CI?

Continuous integration is a hot topic across the web right now and most conferences have at least a few devops talks that touch on CI and build tools. They usually go something along the lines of, use Phing with Jenkins and touch on the fact that Jenkins used to be called Hudson, has been around for ever and has a plugin for just about everything. I’m not going to mention Jenkins as we explore a few hosted CI solutions. Hosting Your Own CI Server Managing any server is a timely process and a CI server is no different. Those Jenkins plugins don’t configure themselves. Smalls teams like ours don’t have the resources to commit to managing infrastructure and that is pretty scary when you’re talking about such a crucial aspect of the business. We’ve recently...

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