SentinelOne Scalability

Zed Burnett
Field Technician at Sonrise Technology Solutions
The scale we operate at is pretty small. We've got less than 100 endpoints on this at the moment. Currently, I only have about 80 users. View full review »
Jestoni Paglinawan
System Engineer at a tech services company
There are no problems with scalability, I could say that the product is easily scalable, since it is not limited to a physical server. View full review »
Lindsay Mieth
CISO with 1-10 employees
Given the way the solution works, I see no issues at all with scalability — both in the number of users or incidents as well as the degree of sophistication of the attacks. View full review »
Joey Reeby
Account Director
Security Analyst at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
In my organization, we are planning to deploy some 30,000 agents. I would say that it's scalable. I don't see any problem with scalability. View full review »
Business Development at a tech services company

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