ServiceNow CMDB Primary Use Case

Justin Conway
Service Delivery Manager at Umicore
We use the ServiceNow CMDB to keep track of users and assets. We use it for ticketing. We use it for quite a few things. We have a Knowledge base. We do incidents, we do requests. The CMDB looks at assets — what's tracked if those assets are terminated in use? It pretty much does all of our backend processes. For instance, if there's a request for software on a machine, It looks at the CMDB, checks if that machine is real, and checks what assets are tied to it. Most importantly, it checks what buffer instances and asset tracking is tied to it. Every user in our company has access to it, and it's a global company. If I had to estimate, I'd say there are roughly 80,000 to 100,000 users. A lot of our users use it for simple tasks, like submitting incidents or creating requests. Since we outsourced the help desk, the help desk uses it for initial triage, escalation, etc. I use it for reporting asset tracking. Everyone has various uses for it. View full review »