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Technical Architect at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
ServiceNow offers a lot of features when it comes to IT service management and IT operations management. What interested me in ServiceNow was that a lot of service management, mostly our IT service management, are using ServiceNow as a tool. I really doubt that we are making full use of the out-of-the-box features which ServiceNow provides in the sense that we have the tickets assigned to one of the assignment groups. People are taking a lot of time to really work on the ticket and provide a correct solution. I was looking at different features, including the machine learning and predictive analytics features available in ServiceNow, which can help solve the current issues we face. In Power Apps, there is a central area which works on the automation part of it. Even though in ServiceNow I see a lot of features in the process automation part of it, when it comes to large teams with a lot of "in development areas," we're just getting into how we can automate the mundane processes. Plus, there is a robotic process automation team using UI who is looking into those areas. Also, as part of the development tool, I analyzed to see how their domain expertise was. With a little knowledge of the technology and coding experience, they can make your software domain expertise come up with solutions very quickly. However, since we are already using Microsoft extensively and we already have Microsoft Office 365 and since we have adopted Microsoft as the Cloud provider platform, it made sense to take the Power Apps subscription. Even though ServiceNow has some integration capability with Azure, Power Apps was more in line with developing apps and the development of UI. When it comes to ServiceNow, I haven't done much research on the UI part. I think that you can do different coding in ServiceNow. It was more about usage of tables, creating API's, and creating application codes for when you work on tables. But in Power Apps I could see features having a use, so I can work with this, and you create UI's out of it. Maybe my knowledge is limited and I may not have explored all of the features in ServiceNow, but this is one thing which on a high level I have noticed. Also, with Power Apps you can attach it to multiple data sources, just like in ServiceNow. I think that both have their own features and pros and cons. I don't think that Power Apps can fully replace ServiceNow when it comes to all the features ServiceNow provides in terms of service management or operation management capabilities. Power Apps is mostly if you want to develop a web application or a mobile application and if you have some data source. If you have a back end already. If you have a database and you specifically want to develop a front end or a UI for that. Then I would prefer Power Apps. Power Apps is mostly for the use cases where you want to give an API further uses to get specific data from the back end. When it comes to ServiceNow, there are not many purposes I can see regarding the service management part of it. It can be used as a ticketing tool that we can use for operations management. It can be used for server monitoring, like for our infrastructure management and monitoring purposes. As I told you, we have within the organization a lot of tickets for cases which are being raised for problems with the application or the infrastructure or even for knowledge related issues. I am from the architecture central system, and if the people need help to find the architecture or they need a suggestion, they raise incidents of tickets using the ServiceNow Now. I have noticed that cases are not getting assigned to the critical people if there are so many different teams. A case for a problem which arises might fail to be worked on by some other members in the team. These are the areas that I feel the machine learning capabilities of ServiceNow offer. It can give you a lot of improvement in the way the tickets get properly assigned to the right group. It saves a lot of time which saves the end user a lot of frustration, and they will be getting the correct group who can help them on their problem very quickly, preventing a delay and then after lot of time it come back to the admin group, and then the person who's working on it will do a relief study of the problem. It leads to a faster resolution of the problem. That is my own experience. Then, if we can have chat bot services, that is another area of network manual intervention. That is what really attracted me when I was into the features of the latest ServiceNow. View full review »
ServiceNow Technical Consultant - PPM and HR at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
The workflow feature really has a lot of value because you can create workflows in a simple, intuitive way. With a few clicks, you can actually develop quite a complex workflow using tool and product life cycles and so on. So, the workflow feature, in my opinion, is the strongest feature in the ServiceNow platform. View full review »
Senior Digital Enterprise Director at DetaSad
Incident Management and workflow are the most valuable features for us for the time (at least for us currently). Also Learning materials, such as online courses, are readily available. This solution is not difficult, and I have learned it from taking e-courses. I am actively giving the courses to my full team, because I want them to learn about it as well. when it comes for the interface of ServiceNow is ok, and it is easy to use. View full review »
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Molifi Sehaole
Business Relationship Manager at Sasol
The most valuable feature of this solution is cataloging the requests, which allows us to speed up the process and improve the user experience. The knowledge management feature is now continuously learning from incidents. View full review »
Jean-Fran├žois Pietri
Chief Operating Officer with 51-200 employees
This solution is very reliable, and they are proactive. This is a development platform that provides us with a strong database and a low code environment. Many things can be carried out without answering questions, such as database architecture, database relationships between tables, and fields. View full review »
Delivery Manager at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
There are multiple valuable features: * Ticketing tools * Customers have access to this and they use it. We have an overall contract for it. We work on it directly to send out tickets. It enables us to work seamlessly, we don't need to send them out manually. We can create a ticket and assign it in the system. View full review »
Pol Mas Viza
Director, Business Process at Seidor
The main reason that people use ServiceNow is that performance is very good. There is support for a lot of different services using any kind of device including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. View full review »
Service Delivery Project Manager at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
The level of automation within the platform is great and is the most valuable feature. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about ServiceNow Now Platform. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
442,041 professionals have used our research since 2012.