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Ton Rookachat
User at About the House
Aug 16 2021


I work at a governmental institution. Currently, I'm researching whether we can replace Micro Focus Content Manager (for CMS) with Microsoft Sharepoint?

What's your opinion about it? Please also elaborate on "why".


Sheila Doyle
Policy Analyst at RCMP
Jul 20 2021

In a large organization, every unit or division wants the best solution, or product that's going to solve all their needs regarding collaboration for SOP's, directives, best practices, updates, etc. and they want it to be easy, efficient AND compliant - a one-stop-shop. 

Why would an organization use or migrate to Microsoft SharePoint rather than a Wiki – what are the pros and cons for using either? 

I was actually surprised at the number of users who were totally FOR the corporate wiki... resistance to change is a given...

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Kushal Tambat
User at 2Five1

I'm considering using Sharepoint as an ECM tool. What are the benefits of using Sharepoint vs other ECM tools.platforms that are available?

Enterprise Content Management Questions
Sheila Doyle
Policy Analyst at RCMP
Jun 22 2021

For an organization considering which platform to go with, realizing there are many factors involved, depending on the needs of the organization - for a Records Management System (as opposed to only a Document Management System) which would you suggest: Microsoft SharePoint or OpenText?

Adding in the fact that OpenText as well as some aspects of Microsoft but not neither is being used to its full extent, until further research, and all avenues have been explored thoroughly. Time, cost, retention and disposition capabilities (compliance), security, ease of integration, etc. These factors, as well as a few others (we will start with those) are crucial to moving forward. 

I'm speaking in general terms so I can relay the information to a general audience.

Thank you!


Details: Policy Analyst (Information Management/Technology), Government

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Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Jun 16 2021
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