ShieldX Budgeting

What advice would you give to other security professionals who are looking to justify the budget for this solution?

Brian Talbert
Director of Network and Connectivity Solutions at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
The advice here really is two-fold. The first is a comment I made earlier. The bulk of the security incidents that are going to be made in the environment that security professionals will be working in, in 2019, are going to be caused by human error. More than 80 percent of all of the security incidents that were reported last year in the cloud were a result of human error. So my advice is to get a solution that is dead-easy to administer and one that is not being done in the types of controls that we're used to in traditional firewalls: IP addresses, ports, protocols. We've got to stop thinking about it that way and start thinking about the language of our customers, such as the applications that they need to protect, as opposed to the ports and protocols they need to protect. Number two is that with a traditional approach to firewalls, you do not have visibility in east/west traffic inside of your virtual environment, inside of your data center, and it's no longer enough to simply segment. You've got to segment and secure the segments. Separating traffic isn't enough. You've got to put controls around the segments, meaning microsecurity in addition to microsegmentation.
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Branden Emia
Senior Systems Engineer at Larry H. Miller Management Corporation
For other security professions who are looking for something which is low in cost that does microsegmentation, they should look at ShieldX. It might not be the big name out there, but it does everything that you are looking for in microsegmentation at a very low price.
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